9/11 Should Be A Federal Holiday -- It's The Least We Can Do To Honor Our Fallen
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9/11 Should Be A Federal Holiday -- It's The Least We Can Do To Honor Our Fallen

We have not forgotten the fallen or the brave, and we will continue to honor them.

9/11 Should Be A Federal Holiday -- It's The Least We Can Do To Honor Our Fallen

September 11, 2001, is a day that every American knows.

It is a day every American remembers and a day that, every year, our country pays respect to. As a nation, we stand together to show we will never forget those who put their life on the line to serve and protect us in one of our darkest times.

When the attacks on our country happened, I was only one year old. I can't remember where I was when the attack happened or what I was doing when the first plane hit. Now, being 19-years-old, I have noticed that I live in a world that only knows life after the tragic events that took place that day. I remember the first time my teacher began teaching the class about that day. I remember getting chills all over my entire body. I remember hearing sniffles from my peers and seeing many hands up in the air with questions about why that happened.

Since my first learning of that day, my knowledge of the events have only grown larger, but the question still stands: Why is September 11th not a federal holiday?

The grieving process for those who lost a loved one during the tragic events of 9/11 has not gotten any easier. The families of fallen First Responders, other workers, civilians, and victims should have the right to have that day off and mourn. September 11th should be a day for our country to come together and remember those who died for us and our freedom.

Our nation is not against creating holidays. If you Google any day of the year, chances are it will be some type of holiday, like National Margarita Day, National Siblings Day, and so on. We have a day where we celebrate the presidents. We have a day where we celebrate the veterans and honor them with Memorial Day. So, why don't we have a day to remember almost 3,000 American citizens who lost their lives in a terroristic attack on our nation's soil?

This is the federal holiday most of our country not only wants but needs.

This event affected every American. Anyone old enough to remember the events can tell you all the emotions they felt, from anger to sadness to terror. The people too young to recall, like myself, can tell you how they are grateful to know there are people brave enough and strong enough to put themselves in the face of danger so we will never have to live in fear again.

We don't want this holiday and day-off to have a backyard barbecue. We need this day off to honor those men, women, and children who died for putting themselves in harm's way or who were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

September 11, 2001, was a monumental day in our nation's history. It was not the day we won the war. It was a day we grieved and mourned as a nation, and we still continue to do so every year. Our military forces have not forgotten. Our First Responders have not forgotten. Those who lost their loved ones in New York at the Twin Towers or the Pentagon or in Shanksville, Pennsylvania have not forgotten. We have not forgotten the fallen or the brave, and we will continue to honor them.

Never forget.

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