As most of us attending the University of Mississippi are 90's babies, I think it's safe to assume that we are all pretty excited at the events that have been happening lately. By events, I mean the comebacks, life changes and constant chatter about our childhood icons.

I think the biggest and most well known of them all has to be the reunion of the Jonas Brothers. I mean come on, what girl born in the '90s didn't attend a JoBros concert. Or what girl born in the '90s didn't fawn over at least one of them for years?? (Team Nick 5ever). Their single, "Sucker," absolutely amazing. Personally, though, my favorite was the remix they did to "Year 3000," called "Year 2019" that went viral on Twitter.

Another absolute iconic comeback of an absolute icon, Miley Cyrus becoming Hannah Montana in real life!!! Talk about a shocker. I mean realistically speaking she is nothing like the Hannah we know and love, but her hair is spot on. None of us can say (despite Miley's crazy days) that we were not LIVING when she posted an Instagram story of her singing "Nobody's Perfect" with that haircut.

Last but certainly not least there had been talk of Aly and AJ making a comeback right after the Jonas Brothers released their single. Their twitter tweeted "Announcement coming soon!!" on the first of March. Now, the beginning of April they have dates for their Sanctuary Tour this year in 2019!! I mean could it be any more obvious??

Speaking of that, what is next? Is Avril Lavigne coming back? Some think she has passed and was replaced with a clone so take that as you please, either coming back from the dead or coming back with a Skater Boy second edition, honestly I'd take either. I cannot wait to see what else this year has in store for us '90s babies!