9 Unique Spring Break Destinations In The United States
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9 U.S. Spring Break Destinations For Every Type Of College Girl In 2020, Besides The Usual Suspects

There's more than Daytona Beach and Panama City!

9 U.S. Spring Break Destinations For Every Type Of College Girl In 2020, Besides The Usual Suspects

Panama City isn't for everyone. Myrtle Beach isn't for everyone. Orlando isn't for everyone.

If you're anything like me, sometimes you prefer to travel to destinations where there aren't as many tourists. I have done spring break trips to Disney, but I have also stayed home and relaxed. So if you're looking for a few different options, look no further!

Warm Weather Spring Break Destinations:

1. Destin, Florida

If you're looking for a warm Florida getaway that isn't Daytona Beach, try Destin! Destin has great beaches and lots of cute shops. Depending on where you stay, there may be a few places you can walk to, but you'll definitely need a car to get around.

2. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is picturesque with warmer weather, making it the perfect place to vacation. It is very historical and has many options for activities.

3. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is a drier place to visit for spring break, meaning you won't be seeing the beach. But that doesn't make it any less of a great place to go! The history is amazing, and there's so much to do. My favorite part about Santa Fe is seeing all of the Native American booths set up, where you can buy and observe all of the art and jewelry.

Mild Weather Spring Break Destinations:

4.  Nashville, Tennesse 

If you're looking to party but not looking to travel down to Miami, Nashville is the place for you! There are bars lining nearly every major street and so many other things to see. My personal favorite activity is going to the Grand Ole Opry to see all of the country music singers perform.

5. Asheville, North Carolina

Settled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is a beautiful town to see. The town has an arts district that you can peruse, but my favorite tourist spot is the Biltmore Estate. I loved it so much that I went twice in one summer!

Cold Weather Spring Break Destinations:

6. Boston, Massachusetts 

Boston is a city of modern art and fashion as well as one of history. Being right on the harbor means you'll still see boats and the water, but it will be much too chilly to go out on. I loved walking around Boston on the Freedom Trail Tour to see all of the historical sites.

7. Chicago, Illinois 

Living right next door in Indiana means that I certainly won't be going to Chicago for spring break! But for those who don't necessarily live in the midwest, Chicago is a great place to vacation. There are lots of shops and things to do. Navy Pier also has lots to see! And because it is on Lake Michigan, there's always a chance for lots of snow!

8. Holland, Michigan

This Dutch town is a beautiful and unconventional location in which to spend your spring break. From viewing the lighthouse to touring windmills, Holland has lots to offer.

9. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is very similar to Savannah in its historical ties. You can visit the plantations or the fort to get a full-on historical experience. There are also plenty of tours to go on!

Even if you or your family have a specific place you typically frequent every spring break, consider doing something out-of-the-ordinary and traveling somewhere else.

I personally love going to new places and making new memories just as much as I love carrying on traditions. Regardless of where you go, be sure to have a fun (and safe!) spring break!

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