Now that we are in late August, It is about that time for colleges to start. The start of a semester means new professors, classes, times, walking routes, homework schedule, and about a million other things. It may be extremely stressful, but guess what? WE GET TO DO IT TOGETHER.

1. "Why is there an assignment due before the class meets for the first time?"

2. "I need to take a nap."

3. "There is only an hour left of class so that's just two 30 minutes which means I only have to sit through four 15 minutes."

4. "Getting coffee is definitely worth it."

5. "There is somebody sitting in my unassigned seat!"

6. "I wonder if my sweat is showing through my clothes after that walk?"

7. "I really just overslept."

8. "Why am I getting all of these emails?"

9. "He just said the final was comprehensive."