Everyone talks about the joys of being a mom, but never about the joys of being a cat mom! It's actually very rewarding, and I'm more than blessed to have such amazing cats to call mine. While you have lots of people that think cats are the most horrible animals to walk the earth or that they are "boring" they clearly have never owned a cat. They are the best pet you can have! They're loving and independent and they take themselves to the bathroom!

There are certain things that you only know if you are a cat mom and here's 9 of them!

1. Whenever someone asks you if you have kids you say "I have cats" 

It's basically the same thing but cheaper, right?

2. You realize that cat hair is an accessory. 

I wish my life didn't revolve around a lint roller, but I'm a cat mom and I embrace that my clothes will always be covered in cat hair.

3. Your photo roll is full of pictures of your cats. 

I constantly take pictures of my cats! They can do something simple like yawn, and I'm there snapping pictures of them like a paparazzi.

4. You talk to your cat as if they can talk back to you.

I always talk to my cats and ask them questions. Sometimes I wait for a response.

5. You don't care when people call you a crazy cat lady.

It's not an insult because I love cats!

6. You dream of visiting a cat cafe, or already have visited one. 

What is better than cats and coffee?! I NEED to visit one very soon!

7. If you go over someone's house, and they have a cat you HAVE to pet it.

I always have to play with people's cats.

8. You get offended when someone says that they don't like cats.

How can you not like these beautiful loving animals?

9. EVERYONE knows that you have a cat.

My cats are always my phone, iPad, and laptop screensavers and I constantly talk about them. Sorry not sorry!