9 Things that Cat moms know

9 Things That Happen When You Become A Cat Mom

Time spent with cats is never wasted


Everyone talks about the joys of being a mom, but never about the joys of being a cat mom! It's actually very rewarding, and I'm more than blessed to have such amazing cats to call mine. While you have lots of people that think cats are the most horrible animals to walk the earth or that they are "boring" they clearly have never owned a cat. They are the best pet you can have! They're loving and independent and they take themselves to the bathroom!

There are certain things that you only know if you are a cat mom and here's 9 of them!

1. Whenever someone asks you if you have kids you say "I have cats" 

It's basically the same thing but cheaper, right?

2. You realize that cat hair is an accessory. 

I wish my life didn't revolve around a lint roller, but I'm a cat mom and I embrace that my clothes will always be covered in cat hair.

3. Your photo roll is full of pictures of your cats. 

I constantly take pictures of my cats! They can do something simple like yawn, and I'm there snapping pictures of them like a paparazzi.

4. You talk to your cat as if they can talk back to you.

I always talk to my cats and ask them questions. Sometimes I wait for a response.

5. You don't care when people call you a crazy cat lady.

It's not an insult because I love cats!

6. You dream of visiting a cat cafe, or already have visited one. 

What is better than cats and coffee?! I NEED to visit one very soon!

7. If you go over someone's house, and they have a cat you HAVE to pet it.

I always have to play with people's cats.

8. You get offended when someone says that they don't like cats.

How can you not like these beautiful loving animals?

9. EVERYONE knows that you have a cat.

My cats are always my phone, iPad, and laptop screensavers and I constantly talk about them. Sorry not sorry!

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3 Reasons Rutgers Students Love Having Printer Money Leftover At The End Of A Semester

However, if one has lots of time and one has already finished all the final exams and papers and still have lots of printing money, I say print out anything you want but quickly use it up before the semester is really over.

Amy Chai
Amy Chai

Usually, it is best to use up all your printer money that Rutgers give one each semester. However, if one has lots of time and one has already finished all the final exams and papers and still have lots of printing money, I say print out anything you want but quickly use it up before the semester is really over. Here are three reasons why having some printer money leftover is best at the end of a semester at Rutgers.

1. You can print something that has nothing to do with Rutgers

When there are times that one sees in his or her Rutgers printing money still have some left over and one does not need it to print out any homework assignments or lessons, one can use it to print out stuff for friends if they do not have any more printer money to use. Or one can help their family members print out something they need. This is a big help.

2. You have free printer money to use

This saves lots of ink and paper from one's own printer at home. Also, one can use this printer money as much as they want and at the end, it will get refill up when the next semester comes. So use this opportunity to use the free printer money and use it up so the free printer money does not go to waste!

3. You can print out any pictures

My favorite part of using printer money left over from Rutgers is printing out images that I love like anime, manga, artwork, sceneries, etc. It does not have to be images, one can print out like stories, step by step tutorials, recipes, or anything that one likes to read. I also like printing out quotes that I like, especially the inspirational quotes from the internet.

Amy Chai
Amy Chai

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'Land Before Time' Is One Of My Favorite Movie Series

When you watch a movie for so long and continue to watch it you learn from the characters every time you watch it.


Everyone has watched Land Before Time..right? Well if not allow me to tell you about it and why I enjoy watching them so much. It is part of a 14 movie series and it follows the adventures of five friends going through life together. I enjoy watching the friendship pan out since they are all different types of dinosaurs who were always taught that they don't interact with those who aren't like them.

The movies follow Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike. They become friends after they have to try and get to their families after an earthquake separates them from their families. In the beginning, Littlefoot and Cera are the first two to head to The Great Valley together, Littlefoot got the directions from his mother. His mother died after she saved Littlefoot and Cera from getting attacked by a sharp tooth, then the earthquake happened.

On their way to the Great Valley, Littlefoot and Cera met the others along the way. They first met Ducky while Littlefoot was laying at the water where she was swimming, then it was Petrie, and finally, it was Spike. The unlikely group had to work together to find their way along with trusting that Littlefoot actually knew where he was going. He was using what his mother told him before she passed and he kept hearing her help him along the way.

They finally made it to The Great Valley and were finally reunited with their families. However, for Spike, it was different he was "adopted" into Ducky's family. Littlefoot was reunited with his grandparents, Cera with her father and siblings, and Petrie with his mom and siblings. Together they made it home and they would continue to help each other as well as help the others in the tough times.

My favorite part about all of it is the fact they are different. Growing up watching these movies taught me that it's okay to be friends with those who are different from you and I feel that it helped me make the friends I did and continue to have in my life. For them, they were always told by their parents from a young age that they don't associate themselves with those who aren't part of their kind. Cera's father was the one who was constantly telling her that "three-horns don't hang out with longnecks" and although she was taught this she was always with Littlefoot and the others.

I also enjoy hearing the songs they sing that is associated with what adventure they were on at the time. I enjoy watching them grow and learn with each other as time went on, they were always there for each other and were always ready to help anyone who needed it. At one time they "raised" a baby sharp tooth who later turned into their friend and helped them from his parents.

Although they were different they didn't let that or anyone else stop them from being friends. They enjoyed their time together and would sometimes go behind the adults' backs to hang out. Mostly it was Cera who went behind her dad's back and they ran away once because they thought they were going to get separated and they didn't want to not be friends anymore.

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