9 Strong Reasons To Choose Terracotta Roof Tiles
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9 Strong Reasons To Choose Terracotta Roof Tiles

9 Strong Reasons To Choose Terracotta Roof Tiles

9 Strong Reasons To Choose Terracotta Roof Tiles

One of the most crucial decisions you will make when constructing a new house is what roofing material to choose. There are many more factors to consider than simply keeping your home weatherproof.

As a result, modern home builders and renovators increasingly use ecologically friendly and sustainable roofing materials. So, the use of Terracotta tiles in Melbourne is rapidly increasing.

If you hear the word "terracotta," you might have time-travelled to your school's history or geography classes or be reminded of a Discovery Channel show.

Terracotta is a highly resilient material. Hence, terracotta roof tiles have been a standard option for roofing materials worldwide for hundreds of years.

Moreover, the first Emperor of China picked terracotta soldiers to guard him in the afterlife.

Although terracotta roof tiles have been used for a long time, it would be incorrect to consider them obsolete or unimportant.

Why should you select Terracotta roof tiles?

Strong durability

Terracotta roofing tile's breaking strength is essential to how long you can expect your roof to survive. And tile that breaks readily can be dangerous.

Every type of construction material can be impacted by moisture absorption in every environment. However, terracotta tiles absorb less than 2% of water. This drastically reduces the likelihood of mildew, algae, and moss formation.

The best weather performance and wind uplift capacity are also found in terracotta tiles.

Moreover, high-quality terracotta tiles can withstand more than 125 mph wind gusts when laid correctly. However, winds of this speed would readily peel off many other roofing materials.

Colour retention

There are several reasons why colour retention is crucial.

It plays a significant part in maintaining the value of a house in addition to providing a more lively and enjoyable place. Moreover, appearances matter greatly when you are haggling over a sale price.

The truth is that a home with a roof that is as vibrant and colourful as the day it was constructed will sell for more money than one that is old, worn out, and faded.

Some terracotta roof tiles Wunderlich are made using selective natural clays and brilliant colour oxides and heated in kilns at 1100°C. As a result, they have greater strength and colour retention.

Low maintenance

The simplicity of maintenance associated with terracotta roof tiles is another advantage.

Compared to other roofing materials, you do not have to knock down large portions of your roof for maintenance.

The practical formats in which they come and their astonishingly simple installation process are primarily responsible for this simplicity of upkeep.

Frost resistant

Terracotta roof tiles can withstand any weather, including salt and ice, no matter where you decide to build your house.

They are suited for all situations, even coastal sites near breaking waves. This is because of the inert nature of the natural clay and the high-temperature kiln fire.

This means terracotta roof tiles will not rust or degrade with time, unlike other roofing materials, whether you are building near the beach or in chilly depths.

Easy installation

Although terracotta roof tiles can be heavier than other types, many houses and structures have been designed to sustain them.

If a house has not had a tile or slate roof before, an examination will reveal whether it can support roofing restoration in Melbourne. However, the method of adding reinforcement is simple.

Temperature resistance

Terracotta roof tiles are resistant to even the worst weather. Thus, they are also undoubtedly resistant to significant temperature changes and dampness.

These two things are, without a doubt, significant threats to our roofs. Terracotta roof tiles have unusually constant dimensions. So, they seldom shrink or expand compared to other roof coverings, reducing annoying sounds.

It is natural

Terracotta is produced using age-old techniques that have been tried and true for generations.

It is made from naturally occurring clays, which means that the water draining off your roof and into rainwater tanks is clean and safe to drink. Because the material has a lower embodied energy, less energy is used during terracotta roof tile manufacturing.

Moreover, there is no waste production when using terracotta tile. Also, terracotta is a natural, non-toxic material that you can recycle back into production immediately, unlike other roofing materials that clog landfills.

Design flexibility

Terracotta tiles in Melbourne are available in various sizes, shapes, and colours. Both a natural hue and a glaze colour are available for terracotta. The colour that is applied to the tile before it is fired is known as glazing.

When creating stunning tile colouring, numerous other techniques and textures exist, like spotting, misting, limiting range, gloss, weathering, and more.

Other roofing materials may need more depth and aesthetic intrigue than these variances add. Moreover, clay is easy to mould, and terracotta can be produced in various shapes and styles.

Acoustic performance

Light rain on a tin roof is a lovely idea. However, the reality of attempting to talk to someone or watch TV while listening to a downpour, hail, or severe winds is considerably less romantic.

Your lifestyle might be impacted by noise in other contexts and the weather. External noises like trains, planes, and traffic can also disrupt your peace and prevent you from getting a good night's sleep.

However, terracotta roof tiles are a terrific method to ensure that your house is the calm and tranquil refuge it should be. Also, it has a sound reduction potential of 30 decibels compared to only 12 dB for the most popular roofing option.

Final words!

Terracotta tiles Melbourne is undoubtedly a sustainable option for your roof, from its potential for recycling to how it uses less energy. Moreover, you do not have to be a well-known Chinese emperor to benefit from terracotta's protection and reputation.

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