9 Reasons You Need To Watch 'Stranger Things'
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9 Reasons You Need To Watch 'Stranger Things'

It's arguably the best show of 2016.

9 Reasons You Need To Watch 'Stranger Things'

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Netflix recently released a new original show called 'Stranger Things.' You're also probably aware that it has gained a lot of hype since its debut, and rightfully so.

I was reluctant to watch it just because I'm not always keen on hopping on the T.V. show bandwagon. I figured it had been overhyped, but after caving, I was happily proven wrong. If you were like me and you're reluctant to watch 'Stranger Things,' here's a list of reasons you need to give into the craze. Seriously.

1. The soundtrack

'Stranger Things' takes place in the '80s, so naturally, there's some great music accompanying it. In addition to some former chart-toppers, this show includes several references to famous films. It's cool to take note of these things, if you're into that.

2. The plot

This is a pretty obvious reason, since the plot should be the reason you want to watch any show. However, this show's plot is so captivating and so mysterious that you'll have to watch the entire first season in one night. You'll have a strong urge to find out what happens next as these characters try to determine why a boy has gone missing.

3. Dustin

All of the characters in this show are unique and intriguing in their own regard, but Dustin is one character everyone is bound to love. He's honest, kind-hearted and just down-right sweet. Come on. Look at that face.

4. Science and technology

There's some cool stuff in here for all of the science and tech nerds. I don't know how accurate all of it is, but it's cool, nonetheless. Multiple dimensions are a thing.

5. It'll make you laugh

The theme of 'Stranger Things' is rather depressing, but the writers certainly knew how to balance it out with some humor. After all, when the majority of your main characters are kids, how can it not be a little bit funny?

6. It's heartbreaking

If you need a good cry, this show is for you.

7. Winona Ryder

This is self-explanatory. She's a goddess.

8. The cinematography

Even if you don't like this show for its content (which I can't imagine), you have to agree that it's aesthetically pleasing. The colors and the shots in this show are beautiful. I can't really explain why, but they are.

9. And if that's not enough to convince you -- it has a 9.1/10 rating on IMDb.

That's insane. Come on. 9.1/10? The viewers don't lie.

If you're looking for a new show to get into -- and even if you're not -- 'Stranger Things' is a great choice. There's something in it for every viewer, whether it's the '80s nostalgia or the way it tears your heart to bits (in a good way, of course).

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