I Only Need 9 Reasons To Show Why Alabama Is The Best School In The Nation
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I Only Need 9 Reasons To Show Why Alabama Is The Best School In The Nation

Roll Tide.

I Only Need 9 Reasons To Show Why Alabama Is The Best School In The Nation

A recent article on reasons why you should choose to attend The University of Wisconsin-Madison popped up on my screen this week and got me thinking. I am sure this institute has a lot to offer and by no means am I bashing it (even though I do not agree the fact that they have the best mascot).

However, to say there is no better place than UW-Madison is just false and I am from the Midwest myself.

I am here as a true University of Alabama student to gloat on why I go to the best school in the country.

And if you don’t want to take my word for it, I have countless news articles, alumni, fans, awards, and most importantly football scores, to back up my point.

1. Celebrity Fans

Not only do we think we go to the best school in the nation, just ask Drake and Channing Tatum about Alabama just to name a couple.

2. Best Greek Life

Despite a recent incident, there is a reason we have the largest sorority recruitment in the nation. From Fried Fridays to band parties every weekend, it isn’t a secret that we have the best of the best.

3. The Students

When we are all dressed up for gamedays it may seem we were all born and raised in Alabama, but that is far from the truth. More than 50% of our student body is from out-of-state which means no matter where you’re from, you still think Alabama is the best.

4. The Campus

You know the prettiest part of your campus? Yeah, that’s our entire school.

5. College Town

From T-shirt Tuesdays to Wine Wednesdays, there is something going on every day of the week.

6. Football

Does this need any explanation? Roll Tide.

7. Sports

Not only are we good at football, we are now a #basketballschool too.

8. Gamedays

We all know we have the best football team, but we also have the best gamedays. From singing Dixieland Delight, to our infamous shakers, to dressing up every for every single game, Tuscaloosa is the place to be on Saturdays.

9. Roll Tide

Many schools have a saying, but it’s just not as universal as ours. It’s every thank you, hello, goodbye, success, fail, and just a way of life. I can’t even walk 10 feet back home in Indianapolis without getting a “roll tide” yelled at me from across the room.

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