9 Reason Why The Presidential Candidates Are So Relatable
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9 Reason Why The Presidential Candidates Are So Relatable

They are people just like us, and we are people just like them.

9 Reason Why The Presidential Candidates Are So Relatable

Often times, these elections blow things out of proportion. We don't see people for who they really are, we don't see that they are people just like us. Here are nine reasons why the presidential candidates are plain and simply so relatable, here are nine things we may be looking past as we travel through this road of an election with them.

1. Bless you

Sneezing is one of the most common things in the world. I mean come on, how many times have you made this face when you had to sneeze? We all have. Basically, Donald Trump is just like us, except with better hair.

2. Many talents

Now that I have mentioned his hair, I must go on and elaborate. This picture says a lot about who he is as a person. Metaphorically speaking, if Donald Trump's hair looks like corn husk, then he must be just like corn. So many sides to him, roasted, boiled, popped. He can do it all. See, when we see Donald as we see corn he becomes just like us yet again, so relatable.

3. Bad hair day...

We all have bad hair days. Admit it, if you wake up in the morning you know what bad hair looks like, and here he is just demonstrating that he has similar issues that we do. He can relate to us on such a deeply personal level of waking up in the morning and going through that process of fixing and rebuilding our beloved hair. Now I can't be for sure, but there's a chance that is a metaphor for our country.

4. A man with a bun

Can this be any clearer than to say he is trying to relate to the Millennium population? We all know that the man bun phase was a game changer, (and sure, this could possibly be photoshopped), but who's to say it wasn't Donald Trump himself who photoshopped it to show us that he is cool, he can be hipster, we can relate to him on a man bun level.

5. Face-swap

The man uses face swap. Could he be anymore 21st century? Also, there are so many people out there who are celebrity look-a-likes and here he is showing us that he too is a celebrity look-a-like. Just like the rest of us. It's like he is trying to connect to every area of our lives. So relatable.

6. Games type of guy

He plays card games! Could this be any more relatable? Card games are the simplest form of games, yet the most versatile, wild that we can connect with him on such a subtle level. And the way he has integrated his name into the world of card games, truly remarkable.

7. Believing in unity

Back at it again with the face swap showing the unity of our country. Trump will stop at no end to show his support of unity, here this can be interpreted as him saying, democrat or republican, together we make up one nation, and that great nation is America.

8. So punny

In the intention to not leave anyone out, let us look at how relatable Hillary is as well. Here we clearly see that she is a proud supporter of puns and, for that, America thanks her. We thank her for believing that no joke is left behind and puns are important too.

9. For the love of Christmas

If this doesn't give you hope for the future I don't know what does. To see these two come together to show their love for the spirit of Christmas is truly a Christmas miracle. Also, who knew they could sing? If a duet worked for Gabriella and Troy in "High School Musical," then maybe this will bring them closer together. Crazy to see the respect they have for each other and this competition.

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