9 Little Things That Really Get On My Nerves

9 Little Things That Really Get On My Nerves

Sometimes it's the little things in life that really get to you.


As Thanksgiving break is finally upon us, I feel like I've been a college student long enough to state a few of my opinions. I absolutely love UMD and could not have chosen a better college to attend; however, much like any place you love, there are still a few things that might get on our nerves. Here are a few things that really tend to grind my gears for no particular reason.

Someone taking your seat in class


Look, I understand we're in college and assigned seats don't exist anymore, but don't be that person that sits in a different seat each class. We've all been in the same seats all semester so don't show up early to class one day and think you're going to take my seat, I will glare you down the whole class period.

When the toilet paper isn't changed


Sharing a communal bathroom really hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be; however, there are a few things that really get on my nerves and one of those is when the toilet paper roll isn't changed and the new roll is simply sitting on top of the old one. Ladies, if the toilet paper roll is empty take that one off of the holder and put a new one on, it's really not that difficult.

Using the sink and getting a big wet spot on your t-shirt


My biggest pet peeve I've adopted since college is this happening to me. I'll go to brush my teeth before going to bed and come out of the bathroom with a huge blob of water all over my t-shirt from the countertops being wet. Look I don't know how you people manage to get water all over the counter, but be a decent human being and dry it off when you're finished, please.



ATTENTION ALL BIKERS: YOU DON'T OWN THE FREAKING CAMPUS. I will make room for you to pass me so please don't swerve around me going extremely fast and freak me out. Also please pay attention to where you're going I'd prefer to not get hit by you because you aren't paying attention to where you're going.

Random rain showers


Maryland's weather is much like Kentucky's weather so I don't know why this comes to a surprise to me, but I despise random rain showers. It's a real pain when you go to your class and it's sunny outside and then you come out and it's raining. It's even worse when you aren't prepared and forget your rain jacket or umbrella.

No tables left at ESJ or the library


I know there's 32,000 other students on campus but it's extremely frustrating when you work up the motivation to go to the library and find there's no tables or chairs available. It's almost worse when it happens at ESJ because most of the time I'm there in between classes, so when I end up having to sit on the floor next to the door of my classroom I am not a happy camper.

Student athletes on their mopeds


Okay, we get it you're a D1 athlete, cool. You still don't own the place, be considerate to others, please! We support you in all of your athletic endeavors so please support us in our walking endeavors.

Being harassed on your way to class 


This isn't as annoying as it was the first couple of weeks, but when you're walking to class and there's a club stationed on the mall you know you're about to be harassed. That's when you put your earphones in and walk on the completely opposite side of the sidewalk in hopes you won't get yelled at to join a club or have flyers thrown at you.

The lingering smell of the dining hall


My roommate and I talk about this on the daily. The dining hall is great and everything, but upon exiting the building the stench of greasy food follows you all the way back to your dorm. Even if you've showered before going to eat you're probably going to want to take another shower to get the smell out of your hair. We recommend spraying Febreze on your clothes as soon as you get back to the dorm as well.

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5 New Year's Resolutions

That are truly beneficial



1. Pledge to do something active every day

This may sound a little silly, but any sort of activity will help you destress and feel good about yourself as well, plus who doesn't enjoy a little time outside? It is really important to stay active and healthy, especially while you are young! It is proven that exercising releases endorphins which will decrease your stress and truly just make you feel healthier.

2. Pick a word to live by for the entire year 

This is incredibly beneficial! Last year, I chose to live by the word: Patience, and let me tell you this made a HUGE difference in my life, throughout 2018 I was constantly thinking about how to live my life with more patience, and now I truly know what being patient means (in all aspects of life). My word for 2019 is Mindfulness!

3. Find Something Positive in Every Negative Life Situation

This one sounds really corny, I know, but it truly makes an impact on how you handle life situations. I have handled a lot of them very badly, but when I started to reflect on the positives, I began to look at these situations as life lessons or stepping stones, that way it did not feel like it was the end of the world to me, which bad life situations should NEVER make you feel like that.

4. Save money every day

We all know our world revolves around money so, to eliminate that stress, pledge to save money everyday! Start a money jar and put the amount of your choosing in it everyday- it could be a penny or it could be five dollars, it really adds up in the end.

5. Set goals for yourself

This is really important, especially if you have a goal oriented personality like me! I thrive on trying to reach my goals, therefore when I started setting goals for myself I noticed a huge improvement in my productivity and work ethic. I chose to set small daily goals, sometimes different each day, like: clean my room, do dishes, etc, as well as setting larger, long term goals like: get in to my dream med school, save ten thousand dollars in a year, and little goals to live by like: go to class all semester, get up earlier, stick to a sleep schedule, clean out closet once a month, etc. I have truly noticed a difference in my life since I have written these goals down on paper, I have noticed myself genuinely working hard to achieve them and feeling better in the process, which is why I believe everyone should try it!

These are 5 New Year's Resolutions that will truly make an impact in your life and health (mental and physical)!

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It's The Most (Miserable) Time Of The Year

As January approaches, the once-happy winter season ends.


Temperatures have dropped below freezing, mounds of black snow line the sidewalks, and all the pretty lights put up a month ago have vanished. That's right folks; it's January!

Given the gloomy weather and lack of activity, it comes as no surprise that post-holiday January is considered one of the most depressing times of the year. Only a month ago it was the "happiest season of all," but after all the gifts were given and the families (finally) returned home, the anticipation and warmth associated with the early winter months left. And then we were forced to return to school and work. It's a depressing combination, to say the least.

The "winter blues" aren't just a colloquialism -- for about five percent of Americans who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), the months of December, January, February, and March can mean severe depression. The disorder, more commonly found among women, is believed to be caused by changing circadian rhythms, a result of shorter days, and/or melatonin imbalances in the brain.

It's worth noting that SAD is rare, and though most people do not experience such severe depression in the winter, no one is completely immune to seasonal sadness. In fact, the third Monday of January, dubbed "Blue Monday," is commonly referred to as the saddest day of the year. The concept was first introduced in 2005 by public relations firm Sky Travel and backed by Dr. Cliff Arnall, a former tutor at Cardiff University in Britain. The date is formulated by a combination of factors that affect seasonal depression, like post-holiday debt, bad weather conditions, and low motivation to act on New Year's resolutions.

Although "Blue Monday" has no scientific standing and is usually used as an advertising ploy, the idea that January owns the most miserable day of the year doesn't sound too far from the truth. But it doesn't have to be so gloomy -- there are multiple ways to ease seasonal depression. One of the most popular of these, light therapy, involves sitting a few feet from a light box right after waking up each day. The light box mimics the natural sunlight so often lacking during winter and is thought to act as a mood-booster.

Yes, winter may be a particularly terrible time, but all this isn't to say that it's the only melancholy season. Those who suffer from depression show symptoms no matter what the weather. It's important that we make our mental health a priority all the time, not just during these few somber months. 'Tis always the season for self-care.

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