9 Indie Bands To Check Out If You're Sick Of Your Spotify Playlist

9 Indie Bands To Check Out If You're Sick Of Your Spotify Playlist

Tired of listening to the same One Direction album over and over again? You're in luck.


I'm sure we all know the first-world problems that come with having every song in the world at your fingertips. Even with the freedom of Apple Music and Spotify, like me, you probably find yourself listening to the same twenty songs on repeat. It can be difficult to listen with an open mind, and it can be frustrating and time-consuming to find new music you like. Well, you're in luck. Below I've compiled a list of several indie bands you've got to check out the next time you're in need of some new tunes ... I promise you won't want to sleep on these bands!

1. Hippo Campus

One of my all-time favorite bands, Hippo Campus is an indie rock band steadily growing more and more popular. I went to one of their concerts last October and was stunned at their talent. Check out "Anxious" and "Violet," two of my favs.

2. Summer Salt

The members of Summer Salt don't have the best reputation, but their music is pretty decent if you can separate the art from the artist. Personally I love their songs "Happy Camper" and "Speaking Sonar," but all of their music is pretty chill.

3. Beach Fossils

From Brooklyn, NY, Beach Fossils is an indie band with a bit of a surf music vibe. With over a million monthly listeners on Spotify, Beach Fossils is a moderately popular band you should totally look into.

4. SadGirl

Another band with a bit of a surf rock vibe, SadGirl is an up-and-coming group with several hits like the groovy "Little Queenie" and "Feel Like Shit."

5. boy pablo

With a hit like "Everytime," who couldn't fall in love with boy pablo? If you're wanting an indie-pop heartthrob, look no further.

6. Peach Pit

Peach Pit is one of my more recent discoveries; it was love at first listen. Apparently a part of the "chewed bubblegum pop" genre, Peach Pit has a fun, unique sound I'm confident you'll love as much as I do. Give their live Audiotree session a listen.

7. Arctic Monkeys

I sure hope you've heard of Arctic Monkeys, but if you haven't, here you go. Arctic Monkeys is an extremely popular alternative indie rock band that's been around for years. You'll either love them or you'll hate them.

8. Rainbow Kitten Surprise

One of the lesser-known bands on this list, Rainbow Kitten Surprise is an indie rock band formed at Appalachian State University in North Carolina. Their band name is reason enough to give them a listen. My favorites are "When It Lands" and "Lady Lie."

9. Soccer Mommy

Although she's technically not a band, Soccer Mommy is a must-have in any discussion of indie music. A singer-songwriter from Nashville, Soccer Mommy is a super talented artist with strong indie vibes.

With these 9 indie artists, you'll have a brand-new playlist to blare on repeat until your heart's content. Happy listening!

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