9 Concerts To Look Out In New Orleans This January
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9 Concerts To Look Out In New Orleans This January

Starting 2017 off right.

9 Concerts To Look Out In New Orleans This January
Rolling Stone

With the new year in full swing, the New Orleans music scene is bringing a great lineup of shows for the month of January. Here's what you've got to look forward to.

1. The Soul Rebels, January 7, Shamrock.

Come see this awesome brass band while shooting some skee ball, beating your buddies at air hockey, and playing other fun arcade games. While you're at it, take advantage of Shamrock's super cheap drinks, especially their jell-o shots. Get your tickets at the door.

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers with Trombone Shorty, January 10, Smoothie King Center.

Relive your Jazz Fest experience rocking out with these crazy dudes, with a little added funk from the king of the trombone. Get your tickets here ASAP - they're selling out fast!

3. The Radiators, January 12, 13, and 14, Tipitina's.

Originally formed in 1978, this New Orleans-based rock band will have you bopping all night with their funky, swamp-rock music. Although they stopped performing regularly, you can still catch these guys every year at Jazz Fest and every January during this three-day show. Get your tickets for either the 12th, 13th, or 14th here before they sell out!

4. Mia Borders, January 14, Oak Wine Bar & Bistro.

Come see this Nola native get funky all night while sippin' on some fine wine and enjoying great food. And a plus - the music is complimentary!

5. Boss Street Brass Band, January 14, Festival Hall Theatre at Bamboula's.

This Austin-based funky ensemble mixes up different musical styles to create a truly unique sound. Ticket information TBD.

6. Little Freddie King, January 17, Carver Theater.

There's a reason why this talented man is a member of the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame and was awarded Blues Performer of the Year in New Orleans three times, according to his website. Get your tickets here to this electric blues guitarist jam out all night.

7. Lettuce with Jaw Gems, January 17, Republic.

These funky dudes are guaranteed to let-us funk all night long! Click here to get your tickets to see this awesome band perform at this awesome venue.

8. The Annual Dinerral Shavers Educational Fund Brass Band Blowout, January 21, The Howlin' Wolf.

This fundraiser features performances by Hot 8 Brass band, Stooges Brass Band, TBC Brass Band, Heartbeat Brass Band, Tawain Cherrelle, Big Chief John & Red Cheyenne Mardi Gras Indians, and DJ Ruby. Come see some these awesome New Orleans bands while supporting a great cause. Get your tickets here.

9. DNCE and Sevyn Streeter, January 29, House of Blues.

Cake By The Ocean? More like Cake By The Bayou. Come see Joe Jonas and his band rock the House of Blues. Get your tickets here.

Stay tuned for February's list!

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