8 Winter Activities
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8 Winter Activities

Winter doesn't always have to be enjoyed outside in the cold or inside in the warmth.

8 Winter Activities
Brigitte Tohm

Winter can be chilly and entertaining.. Or it can be straight up freezing and boring. Doesn't matter what kind of a day you have been having now that you have all of these activities to do when it's cold out. You have a few choices for when you want to stay inside and for when you want to get out of the house.

1. Cuddle up by a fire with some hot chocolate

Hot chocolate, coffee, some delicious beverage of the warm variety to keep you snug as you relax by the fire. There is nothing more relaxing to think of. When doing this, there are so many things you can do at the same time. Whether it's scrolling through your phone or watching a movie, you should be guaranteed to enjoy yourself.

2. Sledding

When you think of it, if it is going to snow, there should at least be a purpose to it so you can have fun. What more fun than finding a very large hill to spend hours sliding down. You don't even need a fancy sled. A garbage can lid can suffice.

3. Putting together a puzzle

Staying inside can get boring. At this point, you have probably binged your entire favorite television show and you can't find anything interesting to do. Pull out those old puzzles and board games and spend your days doing something productive.

4. Building a snowman

Yet another outside winter activity to keep you interested in the chilly weather. Building a snowman is fun and something to do with some friends. It'll take you a while and is a great way to break out your decorating skills.

5. Making gingerbread houses

There is so much creativity when it comes to gingerbread houses. Not one gingerbread house is the same and that's the beauty in it. You can make the most aesthetically pleasing house that you don't want to tear apart and eat or you can eat the weirdest looking house that is basically just covered in sugar.

6. Christmas shopping

Some days are too cold, but it's not always fun to stay bundled up in the house, it can easily get boring. On these chilly days, it's a great excuse to head out of the house and go to a warm building where you can spend hours shopping for all of those presents you've been procrastinating buying.

7. Making Christmas cookies

Yet another delicious treat that can take a while. Baking them is the easy part, but it's fun to indulge in the hard part of decorating. You can buy pre-made cookies with a Santa design or you can buy regular sugar cookies and spend hours perfecting the most adorable icing decorations.

8. Decorating your house

It's interesting to get the chance to change the way your living space looks every once in a while. What better way than to spice it up and get in the holiday spirit.
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