8 Tiny Lies Every Young Woman Has Told Their Best Friend

8 Tiny Lies Every Young Woman Has Told Their Best Friend

"We're going to the gym everyday."

Best friends are great for everything. They will love you no matter what, even when you lie to them. At least you're both usually lying to yourself and each other though.

1. "We're going to the gym every day."

Which really means you will both go to the gym once and decide that's enough for the week. Did any working out actually even happen that one time? Probably not.

2. "Let's go out and do something fun tonight."

Neither of you actually make it off the couch, but two whole pizzas got eaten, and you entertained each other for hours with bad jokes!

3. "Can I borrow this? I'll give it back right away."

Whatever was borrowed disappears into the black hole called your room and isn't seen for months. Oops! It will turn up eventually.

4."I'll pay you back."

Pretty likely the lender never gets that money back. Unless maybe the lender accepts payments in food. Maybe if you're lucky you get that money back months later, but probably not since the borrow probably asked for money since they are broke.

5. "I'm eating healthy."

So salad gets made for dinner. Does salad get eaten? Maybe a few bites. Did the pizza rolls, chicken nuggets, left over Chinese and ice cream all get eaten? Every last morsel is gone.

6. "I swear he's cuter in person."

He's probably not cuter in person let's be real. We can pretend though.

7. "Give me the aux cord, I have a great song."

There is a 50/50 chance that the song about to come on is your least favorite song and their favorite song.

8. "I hate you."

Honestly you're only saying this because they did something totally worthy of an eye roll, and it probably embarrassed you. You both know you will never hate each other no matter what.

No matter what tiny lies you tell each other and yourself, you both will always be best friends. When the day ends you both know you were lying from the start anyways.

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An Open Letter To The Girl Introduced Me To Greek Life

Meeting you changed my whole perspective on Greek life, and I am forever grateful.


Dear Kaitlin,

So I cannot believe I finally am a part of a sorority. Never in my life did I think I would be able to get into one, nor did I have a good outlook on them either. When I started college I knew the girls who liked to party would rush, and I never heard from them again.

Entering junior year, already with a full schedule, it was not even on my mind to join a sorority. But then I met you, and suddenly the idea of it seemed better and better. We got to know each other through work, and the more you talked about Greek life, the more my heart warmed up to it.

I know we discussed it a lot and unfortunately every recruitment event was when I could not go, but finally, and thankfully, I was able to meet some of our sisters. I had this stigma in my mind, that all these girls would want to talk about is partying. And hook ups. And things that had no meaningful impact or appeal to me. But instead, after I met them one by one, two by two, and so forth, I fell more in love with the sorority, and felt more attached to each sister. I finally decided it was time to be serious about this decision, and accepted my bid.

I have not had a single moment of doubt since then. So far my greek life experience has been full of laughs, smiles, hugs and a lot of welcoming feelings. I knew how beautiful of a person you were inside and out, and turns out all of my sorority sisters are just the same.

I have been welcomed into this diverse group of women whom I would probably never met otherwise. Each one has a story, a lesson to give, and I want to know them all. I want to connect with them and make a difference together. When you put a group of women together, you are bound to get wonderful outcomes, and major change.

For once in my life, I do feel like I have a voice. I do feel like there is this person inside of me waiting to come out of her shell, become a leader, a forever friend and a positive representation of what our sorority stands for.

So thank you Kaitlin, for showing me that there is more to Greek life than what people think there is. Thank you for showing me that there are genuine people like you and our sisters out there in sororities, who really care about school and others. Thank you for answering every single question I had, and I know I had heck of a lot of them.

Most importantly, thank you for being a friend to me and being such a lovely person. I know I can go to you and you will always have a smile on your face, even on the most busiest and frustrating days. We can laugh about The Office or work, or have heart to hearts at 12 am, and I thank you for that. You are very special to me, and I know to a lot of other people to. You are the definition of true sisterhood and what it means to just be a true friend as well.

And when I found out you were my Big Secret, I was so ecstatic. I am so happy I found you and I cannot wait to see what comes out of my sorority journey.

OK, now I'm done being emotional.



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