There are so many times college students are stressed out while in the process of going to school, and some of those times result in those students almost dropping out.

At KSU, we certainly have a lot of those.

1. Registration/Amount of Professors

Time tickets are assigned based upon the amount of your degree you've completed, and while that's a great system in theory, because there are many sections of general education and lower level major classes that won't get filled as quickly, the upper level major classes do not have as many sections, especially for the more popular majors. You have to wait for your time ticket to be available, but sometimes there aren't even classes availlable. There should be more professors, but since there aren't, and the sections are closed before you even get your time ticket, it makes you almost want to drop out since you'll have to wait another semester to get the class you need for your major.

2. Parking

We have several parking decks and lots on campus, and a shuttle to take students to and from campus. Despite having these measures in place, though, with rising student populations, there always seems to be a struggle to find a parking space.

3. The First Quiz/Test/Project

Maybe it's just this semester, but it feels like the first quiz or test in every class has been so difficult and whenever you get a worse score than you want on a test, the idea is there, albeit briefly, to drop out.

4. Midterms

Midterms all fall around the same time, and all the professors have a tendency to want to give you the worst possible test at the worst possible time. You might panic, thinking you will fail the class, and it is quite possibly the worst thing every semester.

5. Cost of Tuition

Some of us are fortunate enough to receive financial aid, or have some relief from tuition from parents. Many others, though, have to work and/or take out student loans to pay off the thousands of dollars of classes we are required to take for degrees.

6. Group Projects

There are sometimes some pretty decent group projects, and pretty decent group members. Sometimes, though, there are awful group projects and awful group members. Occasionally, we might be those awful group members, but professors really ought not to give group projects-it's a form of torture, in my opinion.

7. 8 A.M./9:30 A.M. Classes

I don't know why 8 a.m. classes are even a thing. I love my sleep more than I love a lot of people, and 8 a.m. would be the death of me. 9:30 a.m.classes, while obviously later than 8 a.m. are not much better, and I'd much rather be waking up at that time.

8. Finals Week

Sometimes finals week is not that bad, because professors understand we have been stressed all semester (and likely don't want to grade any more papers, projects, or tests) and decide to make a normal test count as the final. There are some loathsome professors, though, that choose to make the final a huge grade and if they're especially ruthless, they make the final cumulative.

College overall is a great experience. But these 8 things just make us want to throw it all away.