8 Things Everyone Should Know Before Being A College Freshman

1. Be open and optimistic

You and 2000+ other students are all in the same boat together! All of you are newbies at this living not only away from home, family, and friend; the majority have also not lived with other kids your age (some who you have never met before)! So be open to new things! Try...almost...everything!

2. Go in with this mindset

Go in with the mindset of "I get to learn something new everyday" and then you'll never look at school the same way again!

3. In class

In every class you take, meet one new person per day AND remember their name

4. "Froomies"

Whoever your roommates are "Froomies" PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE hang out with them all summer, leading up until your freshman year! Introduce them to your friends and family at home and add them to your "squad"! Once you do that, you'll always have a piece of home with you wherever you go! #squadgoals

5. Your roommates future friendships

Once you get to college, your roomies are going to want to make new friends too, so make sure that all of you have a firm friendship before you go to school to start the new school year! Refer back to #4

6. Handshake and eye contact

Make sure that you practice your handshake and your direct eye contact before college... you'll be doing a lot of this your entire college career! I would say that in my Freshman year alone, per day I shook at minimum five peoples hands! Do it! I promise you will be happy! Get your parents or friends parents to help you!

7. Feeling lonely...

The majority of all people at college feel lonely... I don't know why this is actually a thing, but it is, and it's buckets...! Remember these two sayings: "Everyone wants a friend and every person wants to be a friend" and "everyone wants love and every person wants to be loved"! If you practice both of those daily I promise you, that you will find your people! Have patience!

8. Embracing people's differences

Embrace others differences, and check yourself before being judgmental! Every person is different and unique and you were made that way! When we can fully embrace who we were made to be, then we will be able to do this for others! Allow people the freedom to be as kooky and crazy as they want to be! It's like a mirror! If you allow them to be them, then you can be you!

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