Living in a sorority house has its perks. The food is great, you live in a mansion, and best of all, you live within feet of your best friends. However, there are some essential things you learn while truly living your letters. Here are 8 of them I found to be the MOST important:

1. What's mine is yours and what's yours is mine.

I don't know how many times I asked a roommate or someone down the hall if I could "shop their closet" for a night out, a date night, or even an interview. You'll notice that the borrowing doesn't just stop at clothes: makeup, curling irons, chargers, and so much more are open to the temporary taking.

2. The food (and the house chef) will make you gain weight.

If your house has a chef that cooks all your meals, good luck. You'll find that, although the meals are delicious, they're not the best for you.

3. Everyone knows everything.

Hookups with boys, drama, and last night's crazy night downtown are all topics you won't be able to keep on the low. Fifty-something girls living in close quarters means that no secret is actually a secret.

4. You'll always have a group to do things with.

Whether you want to stay in and have a movie night or go out to the frat party two houses down, there will always be a group of people willing to do either. It makes FOMO much less of an issue.

5. There's constant activity going on in the house.

It's fun to live in the house, but for every date night and philanthropy event, your home plays host.

6. There isn't much alone time.

Seen above: one of your sisters entering your room to hang out when you're trying to take a nap.

7. Living there makes you appreciative of your sisters.

On the best days, the sisters you live with will build you up, and on the worst they'll do the same.

8. However much you think you're ready to move out, you'll still miss it like crazy.

The last few days in the house are full of tears and laughs, and even if you're ready to get your own room and bathroom again, you'll always miss living with your sistas.