8 Things Arts Students Are Sick Of Hearing
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Student Life

8 Things Arts Students Are Sick Of Hearing

No, Debra. I will not perform for you "RIGHT NOW".

8 Things Arts Students Are Sick Of Hearing

No, "arts" doesn't mean painting.

...Okay, some of us might paint. But still.

1. "I love the arts! I just like financial stability more."

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Hey! What a crazy coincidence, we like money too! Believe it or not, we do know how to manage personal finance—we'd prefer the "starving" in "starving artist" to remain metaphorical. It's just that we choose to put dreams first. Also, they're not mutually exclusive - y'know everything on your Spotify, Netflix, and Facebook news feed? (Yup. That's us.)

2. "Man, how easy are your classes?"

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Man, let me tell you. Going to class feels great because I know I won't have that much to do! The only stuff I have to do is memorize a script by Tuesday, write two original compositions by tomorrow, choreograph a tap number to free-form jazz, design all of next semester's posters, work at my job for a little bit before rehearsal at 6, and then do laundry and dishes at midnight. Maybe I'll eat, I haven't decided yet. Wanna come over after? Say, 2:36am?

3. "Oh! Have you heard of Hamilton/Phantom of the Opera/Glee?"

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Nope. Doesn't ring a bell. Sorry.

4. "So you're going to be a professional waiter/waitress?"

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Okay, you make a fair point: We admit we look killer in black collared shirts and dresses, but that does not mean we're staking our future in taking and delivering orders and dishware. While waiting is absolutely a good, dependable job, we'd rather take a million temp jobs than give up what makes us feel alive. Also, we look good in everything, not just black, so...

5. "I just don't think the arts are that essential."

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Oh! Fair point! Well, in that case, I'm sure you won't mind giving up movies, TV shows, all photos/illustrations/art you've ever seen, all music ever, the dances you did at your wedding, all your decorations, the... [Person A begins backing out of room as Person B continues listing things]

6. "Have you thought about a backup plan?"

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Well, yes, we all have an idea of what work we'll do while we're working our way into our respective industries, but it's not long term. We go crazy if we stop pursuing art for a while. These "backups" are more akin to launchpads, with the sky being artistic endeavors (Us being the weirdly-dressed, "misunderstood" rockets). Additionally—humanities jobs are some of the few jobs not being computerized, automated, and outsourced at a rapidly increasing rate, so hush, perhaps?

7. "OOH! Can you sing/draw/play something right now?"

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Hahahahaha—NO! I know you mean well, Aunt Joan, but we aren't street performers. Well, unless we are. Never mind. Just go back to hovering over the cheese platter.

8. "I think you're brave to pursue a field everyone else thinks isn't worth it!"

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Just kidding. We're not tired of hearing this one. And to "real talk", as the kids are saying—No. Art isn't essential. We don't need it to physically continue living, but it has saved my life and many others, and made countless lives worth living. It inspires people to live differently—to think differently—in ways that essays and regular conversation can't. It makes the world more beautiful, vibrant, and worth living in, because who wants a world without some color and danger?

Keep on being badasses, y'all artsy folks. <3

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