8 Super Senior Feelings

So basically, a LOT of people, and i mean a TON of people don't really typically finish their undergraduate degree in 4 years or less...sometimes its just not possible!!! 32 percent of students completed a bachelor's degree within 6 years according to the National Center for Education Statistics. So like, do NOT feel bad, but engage the privilege involved with even being able to attend, and the privilege you will have post-graduation, and all the HARD work you will be able to show off after!

So, as I need another year, and will be a ~super senior~ this next coming Spring of 2020, I have learned to embrace this SH*T! It's cool, its normal, and its just fine. I am where I'm supposed to be! I don't fully believe everything happens for a reason, but I know there are some things that just happen because they are supposed to!

1. Wait…another year of this sh*t?


Like seriously? I mean, i guess I've paid all this fu***ng money thus far.

2. Okay well, I guess I’m not really ready for this adult life yet.


I mean c'mon...bills? Car payments? Maybe not yet...

3. BUT MY S 👏🏼T 👏🏼U 👏🏼D👏🏼 E👏🏼 N👏🏼 T LOAN DEBT


4. I guess I could make some new friends?


Psh, alright alright. If i HAVE to.

5. Wait, does that mean I have to interact with ~freshmen~ again?


I am NOT doing that...

6. I am going to class everyday in a zip up hoodie and sweats...fight me.


7. Psh, I run this town.


Best coffee shop? Got it. Best sushi spot? GOT IT. Best study spot in the library? NOT telling...

8. I guess I can finally have that “last first day of school” picture.


Because i will NEED that. All for the mems, right?

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