Slang Terms All CofC Freshman Should Know
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8 Slang Terms All CofC Freshman Should Master Before Move-In

It is nearing mid-August, which means it is time for a new school year to begin.

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It can be nerve-racking to be a new freshman just starting college at a brand new school, having to meet all new people and start a new life away from home.

While you might think that school supplies, dorm bedding and class schedules might be the most important things you need to prepare before school starts, there are a whole lot more things that you'll need to know before that first day of classes. Make sure you're familiar with these terms so you don't look like a weenie when you move into your dorm very soon.

1. Lib

The more formal name is "Liberty Fresh Food Company" - also known as the largest dining hall on campus. You'll hear "Lib," "Liberty" or "Chez Liberté" thrown around, but people are usually talking about the dining hall and not the dorm. Lib is a classic freshman hangout with tons of food options and fun.

2. Charleston Shuffle

If you've ever been to Charleston, it's no secret that you should probably look at the ground in front of you as you walk. Most of the streets are brick and cobblestone, so they are just asking for disaster when it comes to trekking down the streets. When you trip or fall even a little bit, we call it the Charleston Shuffle. And trust me, it will happen to you, and someone will see it happen, so just own it and move on.

3. Rita

The brand-new science building on campus, Rita is luxury AF. The classrooms are futuristic, the labs are state-of-the-art and it's so aesthetic. Something tells me this building is going to be the most coveted study spot on campus. So enter with caution during finals week.

4. Market

You might think that the market people are talking about is the Charleston City Market, but think again. CofC students love Market 159. Located on Calhoun Street right across from the bookstore, this convenience store sells everything from cleaning supplies to ice cream (and just about every snack you could imagine). And the best part about it - you can use your dining dollars. So load up on all your favorite treats.

5. Cadets

While not directly related to CofC, you can't be a CofC student and not know the cadets. These are the boys who go attend the Citadel, just a short mile away from CofC's campus. These military men can be spotted all over Charleston, but only on their select few days off. You'll be able to see the groups of them from blocks away as they march down King Street in their crisp, white uniforms.


While you might think that this is a type of tree, think again. OAKS is the College's own online, homework and announcement portal. It's where your professors will give you assignments, where you'll submit papers and even sometimes where you take tests. OAKS is your key to success, so make sure you check it every day so you're in the loop when it comes to academics.

7. Fútbol

While CofC prides itself on not having a football team, we do have Friday Night Fútbol (soccer) games that get pretty lit. There's no shame in not having a football team when your soccer team is this good!!

8. The College

CofC is the classiest of all schools, which is why it is sometimes better known as "The College." No need to add the "of Charleston" to the end, because everyone knows that there is only one "The College."

Master these slang terms before you move in to ensure you're ready to start college off on your best foot! Go cougs!

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