It's September which means it's officially the month of fall! It's true some would say that's not true since the average high is still about 90 degrees, but us fall addicts don't care. There are so many reasons why we are so ready to get out of summer. So, come on cold weather! Let's get a move on!

1. You're over the hot weather

It's going to be nice in a few weeks when you don't start sweating from just walking to class.

2. You've already had your first pumpkin flavored hot beverage, even though it was 85 degrees out.

Whether it was a PSL or a classic hot cocoa, sometimes you just really need that comfort in your life.

3. You have a list of baked goods you plan on making

So many cookies and pies just waiting to be savored.

4. You can't wait for all the photo opportunities with the colorful leaves

Nothing is more fun that capturing the beauty of the fall colors everywhere around you.

5. You're already started making the switch from shorts to jeans, leggings, boots, sweaters etc.

It'd be a lot more comfortable if the weather would just cooperate.

6. You're saving photos of fall makeup looks and nail polishes you want to try out.

So many pretty fall colors to coordinate with your wardrobe.

7. Your house is already decorated with colorful fall decor

Your house somehow just feels more like home when it's decorated with cozy fall colors.



Here's hoping the weather stops being a jerk and actually cools down for all of us fall addicts out there.