1. Veggie Tales songs stick with you forever

Wheeerreeee is my hairbrush?! OHHHHH WHEREEE is my hairbrush? OH WHERE-OH-WHERE-OH-WHERE-OH-WHERE-OH-WHEEERRREEE is my hairbrush?! If you know you know.

2. Acapella is life

Very few Churches of Christ allow instruments and those that do usually lose a lot of their older, more traditional members. Apparently, God can create the entire universe, but he can't hear your worship if there are instruments in the background

3. There was an old guy that doubled as a candy dispenser

Every Church of Christ has an old dude that hands out candy to the kids that walk in. It sounds creepier than it actually is. Ours handed out tootsie rolls and always wore overalls... great guy.

4. Fake plants are in every room

And on the eighth day, God created fake plants to put in all rooms of worship.

5. Side hugs or no hugs

I am still trained to side hug people of the opposite sex, and I really don't think that will ever change. A front hug is not forbidden, but it is definitely frowned upon.

6. Donuts were a big incentive to get you to church

If the plastic plants and awkward side hugs weren't enough incentive to get you to church early in the morning, then Daylight Donuts should do the trick! Not gonna lie beside the fact that I love Jesus, donuts really helped me get out of bed each Sunday.

7. Clapping offbeat happened all too often

We have like three songs we can clap in, and as soon as the clapping begins you want it to stop. Most of the congregation has absolutely no rhythm and there's always that one person that claps when the clapping is already over.

8. So many Baptist jokes

I think it is required for all Church of Christ preachers to put at least one Baptist joke in each of their sermons. Just to remind the congregation in a humorous way that the Church of Christ > Baptists. I think it is one of those ongoing rivalries that everyone continues to take part in even though nobody is really sure why there's such a big rivalry.

Being raised Church of Christ was interesting to say the least, but I absolutely loved it. All jokes aside, the fake plants, side hugs and offbeat clapping will always remind me of my home away from home. Each denomination has their own little quirks, but no matter which Christian denomination you affiliate with, we all have this one saying in common: God is good, all the time... and all the time, God is good!