1. You’re curious.

The unknown doesn’t scare you. In fact, it excites you, and you want to learn all you can about the mysterious ways of the world.

2. You frequently experience wanderlust.

You constantly want to explore the world around you, and if there’s any travel opportunity presented to you, you’ll take it.

3. Monotony bores/scares you.

You’re not very fond of the idea of a 9-5 office job every day. You crave freedom, excitement, and the unknown. The idea of doing the same thing each and every day sounds boring and/or frightening or appalling. Therefore…

4. You can’t sit still.

For you, it’s hard to stay in one place for very long. You itch to move around. Once you become familiar with an area, job, or other situation, the monotony becomes boring, and you’re ready for something new and exciting again.

5. You’re a dreamer.

You have big plans for the future, and you’re always plotting your next escapade. You frequently daydream about where you’ll go and what you’re going to do, and you get very excited about it.

6. You’re a doer.

You have every intention of making those dreams of your come true, one way or another. Once you put your mind to something, there’s no stopping you.

7. You’re a quick learner.

For you, it takes little to no time to adjust to a new situation or location, and you’re very observant of the culture and the people around you.

8. You’re independent.

You don’t mind being on your own. You’re happy to leave the familiar world behind and trek to unknown territories in search of challenges, answers, and limitless opportunities.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and live life to the fullest!