8 Reasons Yorkie-Poos Are The Best Signifigant Others
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8 Reasons Yorkie-Poos Are The Best Signifigant Others

Why spend so much effort dating when the best life partner you could ask for is your puppy?

8 Reasons Yorkie-Poos Are The Best Signifigant Others
The Yorkie Times

Regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, romantic orientation, or relationship status, I can guarantee that a Yorkie-Poo is the best S.O. (significant other) you could possibly have. Don't believe me? Let's go on a journey together, and we'll use my personal puppy S.O as an example

1. They Won't Make You Sick

Yorkies (Yorkshire Terriers) and Poodles are both hypoallergenic breeds, so a pup resulting from the mix of these breeds will also be hypoallergenic. So even if you're allergic to dogs, these lil' balls of fluff can still be your darling companions.

2. No Break-Ups

Yorkie-Poos (the adorable name for a cute lil mutt* with both Yorkie and Poodle parentage) are some of the most devoted dogs I've ever known. These pups will give you as much love (if not more!) as you give to them. They are happy to spend their nights in bed watching hours of Netflix or acting as moral support for all frantic all-nighters. Your Yorkie-Poo will never forget to call, or keep you waiting for a date.

*Fun Fact: Technically, all "mixed breeds" are mutts

3. They're Fantastic Listeners

Yorkshire Terriers and Poodles are some of the smartest dog breeds, so it shouldn't come as a shock that the cross of both is a brilliant little booger. Yorkie-Poos are notoriously easy to train, and thrive on the approval of their owners. So if you, like me, do better being able to process things verbally (homework, life decisions, why on Earth that character got killed off, etc) your pup will gladly listen, and gives plenty of feedback in the form of puppy eyes, head tilts, tail wags and enthusiastic kisses.

4. Unwavering Affection

These dogs are some of the most affectionate snuggle-bugs I've ever met. If you need a S.O. who will give you love, kisses, snuggles and fun dates (tug-of-war anyone?) then a Yorkie-Poo S.O. is the one for you! Snuggling with you pup is good for your mental health and theirs, so enjoy those cuddles guilt free!

5. Waking Up

Imagine how much better your days will be waking up to a face like this every single morning. Floppy ears, soft curly fur, and the eternal teddy-bear-style smile make mornings slightly less intolerable.

6. Sleepy Time

Think of Yorkie-Poos as the canine equivalent of the Energizer Bunny; they can run around and play like crazy but, when they crash, they crash hard. Suddenly, you've gone from having a tiny speed demon darting about to a lump of sleepy pup who will curl up next to you (and/or their favorite stuffed toy) for hours.

7. They Don't Judge

This is my lil guy, Watson, passed out on a pile of pillows and blankets and sweatshirts. Even on days you don't make great life choices, your puppy S.O. will still love you. And besides, if he/she is asleep on your laundry, it's a perfectly good excuse to procrastinate on washing a little longer.

8. This Face

The little heart shaped nose, big eyes that stare into your soul and still think you're perfect, the constant smile... These dogs are perfection personified, and are definitely the best roommates/friends/platonic life partners/S.Os anyone could ask for.

*All pictures above are of my dog, Watson Fawkes. He's a now 4 year-old Yorkie-Poo my family gave me right before I headed up to college. He is firmly convinced that he is a human, as well as convinced he is my literal child and my protector.*

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