8 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Chelsea On Netflix
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8 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Chelsea On Netflix

The latest installment of Chelsea Handler's empire is not to miss.

8 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Chelsea On Netflix

If you have ears, eyes and a sense of humor, then you already fell in love with Chelsea Handler a long time ago like the rest of us. However, if you have been living under a rock, there is no better time than now to jump on the Chelsea wagon.

We loved her show Chelsea Lately, but the limits that go along with having a show produced by E! Entertainment Network were obvious. No doubt these limits had something to do with her Ex-Boyfriend Ted Harbert, former E! chief. Chelsea stated in an article in Marie Claire a few years back that Harbert and herself could never separate work and pleasure throughout their relationship. While Chelsea Handler is first and foremost known for being a strong comedian, and we love her commentary on pop culture, a big part of her life and work involves politics and social justice in America. Upon her departure from E!, she joined the fast growing family of Netflix's originals, first with her documentary series "Chelsea Does" and now with her new talk show "Chelsea". In this updated, upgraded self titled show, which airs a new episode three times a week, the line between traditional talk shows and variety shows. Additionally, Chelsea is, as she reminds the audience on most episodes is "allowed to do and say whatever the f*** she wants." And trust me, you would love what she wants to say and do.

1. Chunk. And all other involved doggies.

Chunk is Chelsea's "person" and, thankfully, his sweet face can be seen on every episode of Chelsea, either napping, sniffing, or lovingly doting on Chelsea around the set of the talk show.

2. She loves to involve her family.

Chelsea has always been open about her, for lack of a better term, daddy issues and mommy issues, but at the end of the day she loves her family. They appear in segment videos from time to time, especially her elderly father Seymour, whether he is scratching his balls during interviews or not. My favorite though was her recent episode with her 11-year-old niece Charley as her co-host. Chelsea Handler? Coolest aunt ever.

3. She is unapologetic to critics of her "unconventional lifestyle".

If there is a constant in life, it is that women, especially women in Hollywood, who are single without their own children are ruthlessly criticized for not bearing their own children, or berated as to why they are "still single." While the single older men of Hollywood are praised as "silver foxes" or celebrated for their independence. Chelsea points her middle finger at double standards.

4. She still loves to hang out with other people's children.

One of her most delightful reoccurring segments is where she asks a focus group of children about controversial subjects such as religion or politics. And the best part about this segment? Her responses to the children. Special shout out to the episode where she travels to Mexico City to speak to three teenage girls about personal issues, cultural issues and delightfully ends with the four of them beating a Donald Trump Pinata.

5. Her grammar lessons.

Speaking as someone who gets very bothered by grammatical errors, Chelsea's English lessons in her segment "Chelsea Grammar" which is always introduced by veteran actor Kelsey Grammer is a cherry on top of another perfect episode.

6. The wide spectrum of her guests.

Whether it is progressive former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson or Wiz Khalifa or the CEO of Tinder or Destyni Tyree, a 16-year-old homeless girl from Washington DC who graduated high school two years early with a 4.0 GPA and a full ride to college, Chelsea always has a great panel for you.

7. She's not hiding anything.

Chelsea is never pretending to be anything. She's not afraid to be herself which is one of the best role models I could ask for.

8. She's straight up.

You can always count on one thing with Chelsea Handler, her bluntness. Chelsea is not afraid to say her mind whether she is agreeing or disagreeing with the person she's talking to. No matter if it is an audience member or one of her guests, Chelsea's timing and her straightforward remarks are what make her and the show a must watch.

Well Chelsea, as an avid binge-watcher of your Netflix show, I can confidently say that you are exercising your new flexible platform stupendously.

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