8 Reasons Why Video-gamer Girls Are The Best

Being interested in and being able to play video-games doesn't mean you have to be a male. Female gamers exist and they're ready to show off their skills. Some may even be able to dominate their friends with their skills, so here are a few reasons why gamer-girls are the best when it comes to playing video-games.

1. We can talk to a fellow gamer for hours about our favorite video-games

You like The Legend of Zelda? Oh me too! *goes on for hours about characters, dungeons, storylines and bosses* or... You couldn't get over how the beginning scene in The Last Of Us drew you into the game? Me neither!

2. Never get bored if video-games is an option when hanging out

Conversation starting to become dry? Pull up a chair, take out the controllers and get to playing. Conversation about the game-play will surely happen. Plus if the person you're hanging out with isn't a fellow gamer, you could always teach them how to play. Show off those gaming skills.

3. We will always have merch on hand or nearby to show off

Oh the joys of merchandise when it comes to video-games. GameStop, Hot Topic, Spencers, and even Target will have loads of merch options for your video-game heart to fall in love with. (Take all my money please!)

4. Appreciation for what someone else may or may not like in a video-game

Some may enjoy music scores for a video-game more while others tend to focus on the game-play or story. Everyone's game experience is different and some may like the game while others don't. It's always an interesting conversation when someone may or may not like what you like

5. Competitive mindset

Four words: Let the games begin!

6. We are patient

Can't finish the level because you're constantly dying? Well one good thing about being a gamer girl is that we are patient and will not stop until we get past the level or finally reach the next checkpoint.

7. We are always up for some friendly competition

We are always down to show off our skills, hoping we can show off that we are the best, but of course, have to keep it "friendly". If we don't win, we'll probably act like it's not a big deal, but deep down we were really hoping you wouldn't get in that last KO.

8. Make life fun and full of adventure

Just like an amazing video-game, we are always up for a little fun and adventure to spice up our lives.

Girls playing video-games is not abnormal. It has become incredibly popular in today's society, so get out there girls and show that you can dominate at video-games.

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