8 Places Near North Greenville University Everyone Should Visit
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8 Places Near North Greenville University Everyone Should Visit

8 Places Near North Greenville University Everyone Should Visit
Yeah That Greenville

There are several places an hour or less from North Greenville that everyone should see at least once. All of these places are either free or cheap (parking).

1. Poinsett Bridge

Sixteen minutes from North Greenville University, Poinsett Bridge is believed to be one of the oldest bridges in South Carolina. The bridge is no longer in use except for tourists as well as for a scenic background for pictures.

2. Bald Rock

Twenty-seven minutes from North Greenville University, Bald Rock is a popular spot for tourists and locals. The rock itself is covered with unique urban art but visitors go mainly for the incredible view. From the rock, you can see Table Rock and Paris Mountain.

3. Pretty Place (Symmes Chapel)

About an hour from North Greenville University, Symmes Chapel (also known as Pretty Place) is a popular tourist location and venue. Pretty Place is open to visit every day during daylight except for when in use by the camp or reserved for an event. There is a schedule available online.

4. Paris Mountain

Twenty-seven minutes from North Greenville University, Paris Mountain's primary purpose is to house radio and other antennas but locals go to see the awesome view. From the mountain, you can see Greenville, Easley, and Furman.

5. Campbell's Covered Bridge

Fifteen minutes from North Greenville University is one of the last covered bridges left in South Carolina. Popular for its nice picnic area and beautiful landscape for pictures, the bridge is visited by thousands every year.

6. Table Rock State Park

Thirty minutes from North Greenville University, Table Rock State Park is a popular site for those who loved being immersed in the outdoors. The park has places to camp, fish, and multiple hiking trails to choose from.

7. Caesar's Head State Park

Thirty-six minutes away from North Greenville University is another popular state park. Caesar's Head is most popular for its scenic outlook and hiking trails.

8. Dupont State Forest

Fifty-two minutes from North Greenville University is Dupont State Forest. Dupont is known best for its beautiful landscapes used in many Hollywood movies. Dupont is popular for its variety of hiking trails that immerse you in the forest.

With the stress of school and work, it's nice to have some places nearby to go and destress. These places are gorgeous and generally pretty secluded to provide for sometimes a much-needed break.

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