8 New Year's Resolutions Worth Keeping

Every year as December comes to an end, we are met with the same troubling question: "What should be my New Year's resolution?" While many of us vow to finally get that gym membership, it is safe to say that most resolutions fade into oblivion by February or March. Then, as always, we revert back to our old routines and promise to change next year. So, the best way to avoid this bad habit is to find and embrace some new resolutions that are worth keeping all year (and for years to come).

1. Set aside more time to spend with family.

No matter how busy life gets, never forget to set aside time for the ones you love. Whether it's making a phone call or stopping in for a weekend, these moments are precious. The clock never stops ticking. You can spend your seconds praying for more, or you can take action and make every second count. While many things in this world are temporary, family is forever, so never miss an opportunity to soak up that quality time.

2. Stop getting angry over things that don't really matter.

Passion and intensity are wonderful things, but stop letting them ruin your relationships with others. Practice forgiveness and stop looking for reasons to hurt.

3. Aspire to uplift others.

Be kind, be supportive, and be available. Never lose sight of love, and strive to spread a little happiness wherever you go.

4. Practice self care.

While it is great to love and take care of those around you, you must also remember to love and take care of yourself. Identify any unhealthy feelings or behaviors that seem to be negatively impacting your daily routine, and do not be afraid to admit when you are struggling. Embrace healthy ways to help boost yourself, but don't feel like you have to go through anything alone.

5. Stop apologizing for who you are.

You are perfect because of your flaws. Do not minimize yourself because you are afraid of what the world might say.

6. Make a mental list of all the things you are thankful for before going to bed each night.

Mix it up from night to night, reminding yourself of the people, objects, and experiences you cherish. You will sleep better if you end each day on a positive note.

7. Embrace empathy.

Forgiveness comes easier when you can learn to see the world from someone else's point of view.

8. Stop comparing yourself to others.

This is your life, not somebody else's. Be happy for the things you have, and do not diminish your happiness by trying to compete with others. Reflect on yourself and learn to celebrate and appreciate the life you have been given.

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