I don't know about anyone else, but I get into this habit every summer where I start watching YouTube videos like crazy. One minute I will be watching a beauty guru working her makeup magic and the next it will be 2 a.m. and I will be on the dark end of YouTube. Over the years, I have subscribed to an abundance of different YouTubers, ranging from beauty gurus to DIY geniuses, and all around interesting content. Here is a countdown of those people, along with some of my favorite videos they have done:

8. Lauren Riihimaki or "LaurDIY"

The actual queen of DIY. Lauren has an abundance of videos on how to make yourself some cute phone cases to little room decor. A good portion of her videos are obviously centered around DIY, but she also does dabble in the art of vlog making. Plus if you watch her vlogs you'll catch her adorable dog, Moose.

7. Mia Maples

This Canadian YouTuber is someone whose videos I recently began enjoying. She does a ton of try-on videos that are incredibly helpful. She also does makeup tutorials which are amazing.

6. Kamri McKnight or "Kamri Noel"

The younger sister of the twins, Brooklyn and Bailey. That is not her only title, though. This young lady has recently been making a name for herself on her own channel. She makes videos that are mostly pranks, challenges and comedic. She also follows in her sister's trends of having a channel that also focuses on DIY's and her family.

5. Jazmin B. or "Jazzybum"

This young adult British YouTuber is also someone whose videos I have recently just gotten into. She honestly may be the cutest person I have ever seen! Her smile is utterly contagious and she never ceases to make me laugh.

4. Brooklyn & Bailey McKnight

This dynamic duo is two of my favorite twins on YouTube. They are the daughters of the lovely Mand McKnight, who has her own YouTube channel "Cute Girls Hairstyles." Not only are their videos a refreshing take on fashion, makeup, and DIY tutorials, but they make sure to include their family in everything. They have a scrunchie merchandise that has recently launched, and soon to be a mascara as well. These two young ladies have a very bright future in store for them.

3. David Dobrik

If you love very short vlogs and have a wild side then I definitely recommend David's videos. Sometimes you need a little preface to them, but his vlogs never seize to make laugh. David and all of his friends are a rowdy bunch, but they make the four minutes and 20 seconds of his vlogs completely worth the entertainment. I will warn you though that some of his videos can be incredibly cringy as well.

2. Safiya Nygaard

This lovely lady used to work for Buzzfeed, but has recently started her own channel and is quite popular. She does videos mostly on trying certain styles out or buying the first five items that have been recommended to her via some social media. She and her boyfriend Tyler are not only adorable but make an excellent filming team when it comes to her videos.

1. Zoe Sugg or "Zoella"

My all-time favorite Youtuber. Zoella was one of the first channels I ever subscribed to. Her sense of style was always one that I craved and it also helped that she is incredibly relatable. She makes videos ranging from beauty advice, mental health advice, cooking to some cheeky fun with her boyfriend, Alfie Days, or friends. Her videos are always refreshing to watch.