8 Netflix Scary Movies To Stream And Scream To In October 2017

8 Netflix Scary Movies To Stream And Scream To In October 2017

These movies will keep you on the edge of your... Couch?

The movies on Netflix can be hit or miss sometimes.

Either a movie is really great and intriguing or you just wasted an hour and a half of your life you'll never get back. If you are looking for some thrilling scary movies, here are some Netflix movies that won't disappoint!

1. Hush (2016)

This thriller about a deaf and mute writer living alone in the woods does not disappoint. Maddie Young (played by Kate Siegel) has to face a masked killer alone... And in complete silence.

2. Would You Rather (2012)

Iris (played by Brittany Snow) gets the opportunity to play the game of a lifetime to win money to save her dying brother. The catch? Only one person walks out alive.

3. Children of the Corn (1984)

This one is an older but classic scary movie and you can't go wrong with Stephan King. There is nothing creepier than cult children who murder the adults of their town in an attempt to take over.

4. Intruder (2016)

Do you ever feel like you're being watched but can't explain why? Emily (played by Louise Linton) can relate. This thriller doesn't include a lot of dialogue but the plot will keep you on the edge of your seat.

5. Scream: The TV Series (2015)

Although this is not a movie, this 2 season series is definitely a binge-worthy one. Spiraling off of the original slasher Scream movies, Emma Duval (played by Willa Fitzgerald) must discover why she in the target of a serial murderer mimicking the murders of the original masked killer from years ago.

6. It Follows (2014)

If you are into strange scary movies, this one is for you. Jay Height (played by Maika Monroe Buckley) is being pursued by a paranormal entity that only she can see. The only way to make it go away? Pass it onto someone else... Through a one-night stand.

7. The Babadook (2014)

What is creepier than your kid being obsessed with a monster that really isn't there? Your kid being obsessed with one that really is. And then blaming his behavior on this paranormal presence. This movie will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.

8. 13 Cameras (2015)

Everybody had that fear as a kid that there were hidden cameras somewhere in your house. This movie turns that nightmare into a reality with a home security system being used as a stalker's paradise to watch newly weds Ryan and Claire (played by P.J. McCabe and Brianne Moncrief).

Cover Image Credit: Bloomhouse Productions

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6 Life Lessons Star Wars Taught Me

Star Wars helped shape the person I am today.

Star Wars is one of my absolute favorite series of all time. It hits me on so many levels and always reminds me of the person I hope to be every day. Star Wars has played such an important role in my life for a very long time and has been a part of numerous people’s lives since its beginning. But why is that?

Why have people fallen for this movie series so deeply? Could it be the adorable creatures, like the Porgs and Ewoks? Or the ever so amazing Jedi’s who protect the peace? Or is it the consistent and never-ending battle between the light and the dark side? Whatever it may be, it is no secret that Star Wars has earned it’s place as one of the most beloved and cherished series of all time.

For me personally, Star Wars has done more than just provide me with entertainment and fun. Star Wars taught me life lessons that, to this day, I have not forgotten. I know that many can agree with me that Star Wars has served as a valuable teacher throughout their lives. I have compiled a list of important lessons that I and a few others have learned from the beloved Star Wars and, let me tell you, it gets deep real fast.

1. There is lightness and darkness inside of all of us.

I think we all want to be known as a “good” person. Now, that definition varies on who you speak to, there will always be a push and pull battle within us to do good and bad things. However, we’re not perfect beings and the inevitable is that we will fail, but failure is not the end.

2. Failure is the greatest teacher of all.

As I just said, failure is inevitable, but it is not the end. Failure teaches us what we can do better the next time a situation comes around or how we can better ourselves in general. Failure is not something to be afraid of, but to learn from. The fear of failure is what often times, pushes one to never reach their full potential.

3. There is ALWAYS hope.

There are many times in life when chaos seems to consume our lives and pain seems a bit too familiar, however, there is always hope for a better tomorrow and for change. However, that’s entirely up to you.

4. The easy way is more often the hard way. –Marko Susnjara

Anyone can take the easy way out. In fact, most people expect it, because it takes courage to take the hard path. Unfortunately, many people have not discovered their courage yet and do not know that they are extremely capable of enduring that trials and adversities of the hard path.

5. Everyone can be redeemed. –Ben Kravitz

I think we all know someone in our lives who seems beyond redemption. They do things that are extremely questionable and, many times, they refuse the help you offer them. These people may even be the ones who take advantage of the love you have for them and care you have, however, these lost individuals are also the ones who surprise the world the most.

I know some of the most admirable leaders and mentors that I have come to know have come from a background and lifestyle like this. Their stories are powerful and beautiful and have changed lives. It goes to show that there is always room for change and growth, and anyone can impact a life positively.

6. Emotions can be misleading.

We all know someone who makes rash decisions and acts before thinking. Many times, they say things that are hurtful, but they can also be the most passionate and driven people you know. Often times, they are extremely driven by emotion which is not always a bad thing, however, emotions can be extremely misleading. Emotions can drive people to do amazing things, however, they can be painful and extremely illogical. It is so important, in tough times, to remember to use your mind in conjunction with your heart.

There are so many more lessons that can be taken from these films, some serious and others, not so much. However, I know one thing is for sure, that Star Wars will always hold a dear place in my heart and it continues to amaze me with the role it plays in my lives, and in the lives of others.

And with that, I have one last thing to say,

May the force be with you.

Cover Image Credit: @classic_star_wars

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My Top 10 Movies From 2017

Not the best, but my personal favorites

Before I begin my list I wanted to clarify upfront that these aren't necessarily the greatest movies of 2017, some of them most definitely won't be among the best films made in 2017. These are my favorite movies from the year, the movies I had the most fun watching in theaters. Movies that found that sweet spot between my personal taste and how much they delivered a fun experience inside the movie theater.

I should also say that there were quite a few movies I have not seen yet from 2017 that could easily have made this list had I watched them at the time of writing this article. I'll go through this short list so that nobody screams "Why didn't you put ______ in your list?!?!" at me. It's because I just didn't see it yet.

These are the movies from 2017 that I have not yet seen that could have possibly made my list:

The Shape of Water, Lady Bird, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, Ingrid Goes West, I, Tonya, The Florida Project, Colossal, I Don't Feel at Home In this World Anymore

Now that that's all out of the way...here are my Top 10 Favorite Movies from 2017!

10. Alien: Covenant

While not anywhere close to the perfection that is the original "Alien" and its sequel "Aliens," I thought "Alien: Covenant" did a lot of things well after the mixed reception that the movie "Prometheus" got a few years ago. "Prometheus" was a really great sci-fi movie but did not function so well as an "Alien" prequel which it was marketed as. "Alien: Covenant" still falls into some of the traps "Prometheus" fell in and some may argue that the iconic monster, The Xenomorph, was shoved into the movie last minute. I hear the arguments but the movie was too enjoyable for me to knock it for its slight faults. There was violence, suspense and most importantly...BLOOD. "Prometheus" seemed a bit too clean and non-violent save for that one scene in the medical bay, "Covenant" knew its audience and while it may not have delivered completely story-wise, they knew how to create some kickass violence with the Xenomorph. Oh, and Ridley Scott is directing. Say what you want about Scott nowadays but I'll always see him as a visionary legend for that first "Alien" movie.

9. Logan

The superhero movie that strayed from the norm. "Logan" was more of a dark and gritty Western film than a superhero movie but its ability to blend genres so well easily put it on my list. Hugh Jackman's final performance as the character "The Wolverine" was exactly what fans were hoping for. In past X-Men movies Wolverine and his action scenes always seemed sort of toned down considering the movies were rated PG-13. With PG-13 you can't have much violence or gore but that's what Wolverine does, he has claws that viscously rip people apart! I'm glad Fox was able to show Wolverine in a more serious light without worrying that audiences wouldn't come to a violent R-rated superhero movie. And of course Patrick Stewart was phenomenal as Professor X and newcomer Dafne Keen killed it as a younger mutant with Wolverine's powers: X-23.

8. Spider-Man: Homecoming

I always feel sort of weird putting superhero movies on a Top 10 list, even when it's just personal favorites in the list. Recently superhero movies (and even Star Wars movies) have become very cookie-cutter. They're all enjoyable yet feel very similar to one another. This year Marvel Studios had three movies: "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol:2", "Thor: Ragnarok," and "Spider-Man: Homecoming." I picked "Spider-Man" for my list because I thought it was a welcome and fresh take on this iconic character. They've messed up Spider-Man for too long during that Andrew Garfield phase and I'm glad we now have Tom Holland's Spider-Man who hits all the right beats. The side-characters (all of Peter's classmates from high school) work well in this movie but the standout in the cast is definitely Michael Keaton. He was once Batman, now he's a Spider-Man villain and he delivers such a menacing performance. He's a villain without powers or anything, just a strong motivation. The part of this movie that locked it into my Top 10 list was near the end when Spider-Man is stuck under the rubble. If you haven't seen "Homecoming" yet, just wait to get some goosebumps during that scene in particular.

7. The Greatest Showman

I have to support original musicals! I've said most of what I wanted to say about "The Greatest Showman" in my article. Another great performance from Hugh Jackman, this is a movie that I can't seem to get tired of! It's an absolute blast watching in the theater and after doing some background research I learned how important it is to support something like this in theaters considering it's been a passion project of Jackman's for years. I seriously want to get up and applaud after each musical number as if I was at the theater, it's so intoxicating with its charm. Like I said in my previous article: it may not be historically accurate but it's pretty damn fun and entertaining!

6. The LEGO Batman Movie

Here it is, the wildcard pick! This is most definitely not going to be on anyone else's Top 10 list so I might as well put it on mine! I thought this was an excellent take on the character of Batman. It was a way to bring this typically dark and brooding character and make him more accessible to children while still poking fun at the source material to entertain the adult fans. There is so much charm and spirit put into the writing of this movie and I can legitimately say that Will Arnett's Batman is among my Top Favorite Portrayals of Batman (but that's for another article.) The relationships in this movie are executed so well from the relationship between Batman and Robin, Batman and The Joker, as well as Batman and himself. The changes in Batman's character throughout the movie really speak to the mythos of his character and in my opinion this is more than just a silly kid's movie to have on in the background. It's a funny, ambitious superhero story that knows the material its working with and plays with it perfectly.

5. Baby Driver

What makes "Baby Driver" so amazing to me is easily the directing from Edgar Wright, one of my favorite directors of all time. If you didn't know, "Baby Driver" does this excellent thing in editing where each action scene is synced up perfectly with music. Every single gun-shot, rev of an engine, gear shift, wheel turn, etc. is matched up perfectly with the beat of music so you feel like the music is guiding the action along the film. It's a great love story, it's an amazing action movie and unfortunately it has a dark, looming Kevin Spacey shaped cloud hanging over it. Kevin Spacey's past behavior is extremely deplorable but I hope it does not turn you off from this movie. Kevin Spacey has been revealed to be a very bad person late in 2017 but I'm not going to say his performance wasn't really good in this movie. He plays a great villain and while it's weird to see him in movies now, I still think "Baby Driver" is a technical marvel that is worth checking out.

4. The Big Sick

This movie is truly something, "The Big Sick" is essentially a romantic-comedy but there are really serious dramatic moments that hit you as the plot goes along that honestly made me tear up both times I watched it. Telling the true story of how comedian Kumail Nanjiani met his now-wife Emily Gordon (who co-wrote the movie along with Kumail,) "The Big Sick" takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. While Emily is in a coma, Kumail bonds with her parents played by Holly Hunter and Ray Romano. Romano gives one of his best performances in this movie. Despite the subject matter, there are many laughs to be had with this one and conversations to be had about how certain cultures handle relationships and their dedication to family.

3. Coco

I've already expressed my love for "Coco" in my article and suffice to say it's clearly stuck with me in the 2 months it has been out since it's #3 on my list. It's just a beautiful movie about how important family is and how some traditions might need to be broken to pursue your dreams. The movie speaks to both children and adults which is exactly what a Disney Pixar movie hopes to achieve.

2. War for the Planet of the Apes

Despite having odd and sometimes confusing titles for their movies, the recent "Planet of the Apes" trilogy that began in 2011 has been exceptional. I'd even argue that it's one of the greatest trilogies in film history, each movie stands on its own while also adding many elements to the overall world this franchise has created. The motion-capture of Andy Serkis playing Caesar is at its best in "War," you can spot every hint of emotion and pain in that ape's face despite there not really being an ape on set...it just shows how far technology has gone and how well an actor like Serkis can convey emotion via CGI. It's more of a prison escape movie than a war movie, but it's amazing anyway. I'm not sure how I'd feel about them making more "Apes" movies after this considering "War" concluded a trilogy so well.

1. Get Out

Talk about being socially relevant while also being enjoyable as hell! The Golden Globes were definitely wrong to label this a "Comedy/Musical." While there are many laugh-out-loud moments in "Get Out" from one character in particular, this is mostly a thriller/horror movie. It was directed by Jordan Peale, most known for the comedy sketch series "Key & Peale" and he brings everything he has to this movie. It's interesting to see a creator stray from what they usually create and you can tell Jordan Peale was a huge horror fan. This episode basically feels like an extended "Twilight Zone" episode with how well the plot unfolds in front of you. I remember hearing that Jordan Peale is going to be in charge of a new "Twilight Zone" series on CBS and I'm pretty sure "Get Out" was the main reason why he got the job.

Honorable mentions go to: Wonder, John Wick 2, The Disaster Artist, Blade Runner 2049, American Made, Split, Wonder Woman, Kong: Skull Island, Detroit, The other Marvel movies (Thor and Guardians 2) and The Justice League. All good movies I enjoyed thoroughly this year that just barely didn't make the list. It's hard to condense my favoriteS into just 10, I'd write extensively about all these if I could.

Cover Image Credit: via Vimeo

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