8 Spots In Europe For The Perfect Instagram Picture

8 Spots In Europe For The Perfect Instagram Picture

If there are no noteworthy Instagram pics, did you really go to Europe? Read the list below to make sure your page is fire this summer.


With my travels just beginning, I have to plan ahead and make sure I am able to get some grade-A pictures for you all to see. Below are some places on my list with Budapest ahead this weekend! Hope you enjoy!

1. Prague, Czech Republic


Places like the Prague Castle have killer views that can take your breath away. With an easy walk to the highest point, there is no way you can take a bad picture. The view alone is Instagram worthy.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands


Being known as the place with more bikes than people, Amsterdam surely takes you for a ride. With the infamous red light district and canals that beautifully freeze over in winter, going to Amsterdam any time of the year can guarantee you more than enough pictures worth a thousand words.

3. Budapest, Hungary


The Budapest Castle

4. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland


With the Guinness brewery nearby, enjoy a cold one after seeing this view is a MUST. Make sure to take it all in but to keep clear of the winds that can blow you over.

5. Split, Croatia


With clear water beaches that make you feel like you're floating on cloud 9, Split is a go to not only for pictures but for a memorable beach experience.

6. London, United Kingdom


With a vivacious culture that any IG influencer would love to experience, London has some pretty first-rate places and views that can provide pictures to liven up their page. There is always something to do which broadens the opportunity for the perfect IG pic.

7. Paris, France


Probably one of the most well-known monuments in Europe, the Eiffel Tower never lets you down. Any time of day a worthy pic can be taken, just have to make sure you catch the right pose. If you feel like the Eiffel tower is too cliche, there are other monuments or museums that your followers would definitely envy.

8. Vienna, Austria


After all the traveling above, grabbing coffee in a traditional coffeehouse in Vienna is a must. This hidden gem is sure to get your followers wishing to travel soon and take in the views Vienna has to offer.

With Prague being the only city I have visited so far, I am extremely excited to travel these next two months. With Budapest this weekend and many more places on my list, I am sure I will be able to have some top-notch pictures for everyone to see.

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