To those of you who use Twitter or are wanting to get started in the Twitter-sphere, the best way to get acquainted with the other users are to follow and like Tweets. There are some celebrities who, aside from just promoting their product/self, can be pretty funny. Here's a list of 8 who will give you a laugh.

Cole Sprouse


Cole and his brother Dylan @dylansprouse have grown up from Disney channel and have turned out not only attractive, accomplished, and talented, but continue to entertain us with their back-and-forth sibling rivalry. Plus Cole also posts photographs of him modeling.

Tyler Oakley


YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley is no newbie to humor and fame and his Twitter is a reflection of his personality.

Anna Kendrick


This self-deprecating and witty womawoman has a Twitter filled with funny anecdotes of her days as a rising Hollywood actress. Her involvement in numerous funny movie projects

Matt Bellassai


You may know Matt from the internet show Wine About It. Not only is he funny when he gets drunk at work, but also in his daily life and through his tweets.

Matthew Gray Gubler


MGG, known for playing vulnerable genius Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds, is an artsy guy. He has his own uniquunique style and that shines through in his quirky tweets.

Ryan Reynolds


There are rumors that Ryan Reynolds sold his soul to play Deadpool, but I'm fine with it because he's perfect in it. His frequent Tweets about his amazingly gorgeous family and his life are great peeks into his humorous alter-ego.

Bo Burnham


This wildly successful young stand-up comedian is a treat to follow when he's not promoting his shows. This is a truly funny young man.

Hope you find some humor in these tweets. Celebrities can be quite funny!