8 Fair Trade Coffee Brands That Are As Good As Their Cause.

8 Fair Trade Coffee Brands That Are As Good As Their Cause.

"Where did your coffee come from this morning?"

vincenzo d'alto

Have you ever wondered how much of the coffee you drink every morning or when you go to your favorite coffee shop come from? Did it come from a small child of around five or six years old that does not know how to read or write but can manage to lift about twice to triple his or her own weight in coffee beans. Maybe it came from a man who barely makes enough a day to buy the latte or cappuccino you are so use to drinking? Well if you have never many now you have. Coffee is one of the high demands in the west and with these demands also come high need for workers. According to the ILAB report that child labor, forced labor and exploited labor is used when cultivating coffee beans. The coffee workers get than paid between $2 to $3 a day for a day's worth of work. There are options like fair trade coffee that do pay their coffee workers fair wages to their workers. These coffee companies provide workers with workable conditions that do make them work long and hard hours. Next time you are in your favorite coffee shop or store make sure to ask for fair trade coffee. Here are few coffee brands according to The Good Trade Website that are fair trade brands.

1. High Grounds Roasters

2. Doma

3. Pura Vida Coffee

4. Rise Up Coffee Roasters

5. Larry's Beans

6. Cafe Mam

7. Allegro Coffee

8. Conscious Coffee

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