8 Easy Ways To Spring Clean This Season
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8 Easy Ways To Spring Clean This Season

You won't even have to touch a vacuum.

8 Easy Ways To Spring Clean This Season
Biegun Wschodni

Spring is known to many as a fresh start. The flowers begin to bloom, the cold weather subsides and we all get a chance to start again. In addition to the weather changing, many people choose to do some spring cleaning of their own, whether it be to de-clutter their house or change their lifestyle. Here are some ways to have your own fresh start this season.

1. DO leave a tip

If you go out to dinner and your waiter messes up an order or isn’t as warm as you’d like, don’t take it out on the tip. Servers only get paid $2.13/hour, which actually ends up being pretty close to nothing after taxes. Try and leave a little just for courtesy’s sake. If you were having a bad day you wouldn’t want it to be taken out on you, right? And if your argument for not tipping is that you can’t afford it, you probably shouldn’t have gone out to eat in the first place.

2. DON'T complain about things you can’t change

Accept that one day you’ll have to take a challenging class or the Starbucks barista will mess up your drink. There are countless things that happen every day that you certainly cannot control. Instead of wasting time by whining or creating negative energy with your disappointment, simply accept the small irritating things that you can’t change. You’ll be a lot happier in the long run.

3. DO respond to an invitation ASAP

One common courtesy people seem to have forgotten is the importance of an RSVP. Depending on the importance of an event, it is imperative to get back to the host as quickly as you can. This person is responsible for organizing a lot of people and catering to each guest's needs. Don’t give them more to struggle with and confirm your attendance or inform them of your absence as soon as you can. Again, this is something you'd want people to do for you.

4. DON'T be attached to your phone

We live in a time when technology is omniscient, and cell phones are basically another limb. However, it’s definitely possible to not be staring at your screen 24 hours a day. Specifically, there are times when your phone should be off (movies, restaurants, etc.) and you should be enjoying the moment.

No one wants to hear your ringer while at dinner or see the white light from your phone while trying to watch a film. In addition, don’t be on your phone when talking with anyone. How would you feel if you were trying to tell a story or share important information and whomever you were talking to was completely ignoring you? Whatever is in front of you is probably more important than any text or tweet.

5. DO write thank you notes

Another courtesy that seems to be disappearing is the act of showing appreciation. This can be as simple as a verbal “thank you” when someone holds a door for you or as complex as taking someone to dinner after they paid for something of yours. Simply acknowledging another’s kind actions can do wonders for the other person as well as you, yourself. A nice written note is a good way to validate another’s actions and give them a nice reminder that they are valued and loved.

6. DON'T interrupt or criticize another’s opinion

No matter where you go, you will encounter people different than you. This is a good thing and is necessary for the world to function. If you’re bad at math, be thankful for accountants and engineers who have that gift. If you love English, there are science minds who are grateful to your expertise allowing them to pursue their chemistry and biology.

That being said, lots of people have differing views and preferences and may choose to share these with you. Be quiet and listen, and do not completely reject their view if it doesn’t coincide with yours. If an opinion is hurtful to someone, perhaps you may step in and say so, but for the most part, remain respectful and open to others. Everyone should feel valued.

7. DO take responsibility

Anonymity can be a cool thing sometimes. For example, if you manage to do no work for a group project and still get an A, that can be pretty sweet. Or if you spill your drink on the subway and it starts to smell, but no one knows it was you, you get away easily. However, these acts can lead to bigger and more offensive ones. As an adult, you will be responsible for more than just yourself. In fact, it’s important to recognize your place and privilege right now. Taking responsibility is a great way to prevent yourself from becoming lazy and doing the bare minimum hoping you get away with it. Hold yourself accountable in all areas of life and it will lead to you becoming a pretty decent human being.

8. DON'T take advantage

If a friend loans you money, pay them back ASAP. If you stay at someone’s house, make the bed afterward. Bring a gift to a party. Park within the allotted lines. Pay all things forward and be conscious of others around you. Sometimes when we’re running late or focused on our own thing, we forget others. If it was you, you wouldn’t want to deal with parking in the back of the lot or not feeling appreciated when offering help to a friend. The people around you will be grateful and your karma will thank you, too.

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