8 Days Of Spring Break When You're Stuck In Ohio

It's almost that time of the semester; some are already on spring break and others are just a week or two away. All of your friends are talking about going on the elaborate vacations that they've been saving up for. You have friends who are headed down south to enjoy some sun and others who are leaving the country for the week. You? You'll just be here, in Ohio. Enjoying all the beauty that the great Buckeye State has to offer, right? Let's just be realistic here for a second — spring break in Ohio? You'd be lucky if it didn't look a little something like this.

1. Sunday

All your old high school friends always say they want to hang out over break and catch up, yet you try to make plans and...

2. Monday

No one actually follows through with the plans, so you spend the day with the friend that's always there for you.

3. Tuesday

It's 50 degrees and that basically feels like summer compared to what the weather has been like. Sort of a miracle too, because you were expecting...

4. Wednesday

Snow. Now this makes more sense, yesterday you were enjoying the sunshine and today walking outside hurts your face. Seriously though, it dropped 20 degrees overnight.

5. Thursday

Still a whole lot of nothing to do and you certainly don't want to go outside in the snow. Maybe you should work on the two projects, three papers, and exam your professors have blessed you with when you get back to school? But really, doesn't a nap sound much better?

6. Friday

Sure, you're going to watch just a couple more episodes and then go out and do something with your life since break is almost over... good one.

7. Saturday

It's 2 a.m. You haven't moved or stopped binge-watching the same show since sometime yesterday morning and now you're just tired.

8. Sunday

Waking up and once again remembering all the homework and papers you have due this week, but haven't started because neglecting them the whole break felt much better. Tomorrow's seriously Monday already?

Trust me, I feel you. Is it summer yet??

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