8 Of The Best Meals And Treats To Make With Friends

8 Of The Best Meals And Treats To Make With Friends

My favorite things to cook with my favorite people. You don't have to be a top-chef, but I promise you there won't be many leftovers.


I love to cook, but I love to cook with other people even more. It is a great way to bond and it might sound cheesy (get it) but you really get to spend quality time together. When you’re cooking you’re focused on the food and the people around you, not what’s on TV or what’s happening next door.

It’s a great way for you and your friends to be together without spending a lot of money and it is genuinely just a fun time, especially when things get a little messy. In life, it’s not about the big things, it’s the little moments and I assure you when you’re cooking with your friends you are bound to acquire tons of little memories that you will always cherish. Here are some of my favorite dishes and snacks to make:

1. Mac and Cheese

Not only is it one of the best foods ever created but it’s so easy to make! Honestly, I think it should be considered its own food group, but that’s for another article. It’s great because for one person it involves a lot of multi-tasking, but if you do it together everyone can play their part.

2. Quesadillas

I know when I invite some of my friends over it can be hard to decide what to cook for them because they all have different preferences. One loves onions but the other doesn’t, one thinks olives should be illegal and the other could eat a whole jar. That’s why quesadillas are amazing because you can personalize them. Also, they’re super cheap. You can make a quesadilla with literally two ingredients: cheese and tortillas. Or you can be inventive and add in veggies and different types of meat.

3. Homemade Pizza

Another great one to personalize because you can make personal pizzas or make a big one and separate the toppings if someone doesn’t want one. It’s also great for all occasions because it can be casual or a little more elegant if you grab that double bottle of red wine. Plus, it seems like every piece just gets better tasting every time. And with a meal like this, you can get creative! Maybe one day you can try pepperoni and another you can do a garden pizza... the opportunities are endless.

4. Spaghetti

As a college student, money can be stressful and not knowing what do to for dinner is even more trying when you only have $20 in your bank account. Don’t worry, I’ve got the solution. Spaghetti is only about a $5 meal and can feed so many people. It’s also very filling and easy to make if you and your friends decided to have a spontaneous dinner date. Also, a great opportunity to finish that bottle of wine from last week’s pizza dinner party.

5. Homemade Rice Krispies

This is an easy treat to make for a movie night or a study night and you can make multiple batches in a short amount of time. Instead of using regular rice krispies it’s fun to mix it up with different types of cereal. Any cereal will work so you can make different kinds for each friend!

6. Tacos

Taco Tuesday is hands down one of my favorite days and in my opinion, should be considered a weekly holiday. Because it’s so amazing restaurants can get crazily packed, this is a great opportunity for you to host your own Taco Tuesday with your friends. It’s also easy to delegate who will bring different ingredients and everyone can add the toppings they prefer so everyone gets what they want! I promise there won’t be any leftovers.

7. Paninis

I like to call paninis the fancy grilled cheese sandwiches and that’s because it's basically what they are. They're simple, fun, and so delicious. You can make a chicken panini with onions or peppers, and this is a great meal for vegetarians because they can fill their panini with tons of vegetables.

8. Cookies

You can never go wrong with cookies and milk. Especially during the holiday season it's always fun to make Halloween themed cookies, or gingerbread cookies around Christmas. At this point, if one of your friends doesn't like cookies you may want to evaluate your friendship.

Which of these recipes will you be trying?

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