Good rides to try at Disney World
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8 Rides That Make Disney The Most Magical Place On Earth

The best rides at Disney World.

8 Rides That Make Disney The Most Magical Place On Earth

Disney World is full of fun and dreams, but these 8 rides make the park even more magical!

1. Space Mountain

I absolutely love this ride! It is extremely fast and fun! The ride itself is dark and there are "stars" everywhere.

2. Mount Everest

Very fun and the tracks end, so then you have to go backwards

3. Splash Mountain

This ride is great for any age! Also when it has been a long hot day, you can just go on this ride and cool down.

4. Rock-n-Roll Roller Coaster

This is a very very fast roller coaster. It is also well light and colorful. Very fun ride.

5. Tower of Terror

Probably the scariest ride I've been on. You are literally dropping hundreds of feet. But I highly recommend taking it for a go!

6. big thunder

This roller coaster is the best for little kids. It is not to fast or even scary, it's just fun.

7. Haunted Mansion

I had always loved going on this ride as a child, and I still love too.

8. Seven Dwarfs

CUTEST RIDE EVER!!!! The only problem have with this ride is that it's kind of short. :/

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