8 Awkward Moments Everyone Has While Getting Their Eyebrows Waxed
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8 Awkward Moments Everyone Has While Getting Their Eyebrows Waxed

If you get your eyebrows waxed, you know these moments.

8 Awkward Moments Everyone Has While Getting Their Eyebrows Waxed

1. Sitting

Just sitting in the chair causes anxiety. Like am I laying down far enough? What should I do with my hands? She's gonna think it looks weird that I'm placing them on my stomach but where the fuck else would they go?

2. The Baby Oil

The cold sensation on your eyebrows that you worry will roll down into your eye and make you freak out, jump up and run out of the salon.

3. The Wax

Feeling the warm wax being pulled across your eyebrow actually somewhat hurts. Your little, sensitive eyebrow hairs are getting some weird goop on them and being prepped to be ripped out.

4. The Rip

You feel the piece of paper get smoothed out onto your eyebrow, the lady asks if you're ready, then the quick painful motion of the wax pulling out all the pieces of hair that were growing through your skin. Your eyes water, you tell the woman you are fine even though you aren't just so she doesn't think you're a baby.

5. The Feeling

That horrible feeling when your eyes are closed and it feels like the woman's boobs are on your head. What do you do in that moment? You just sit there and pretend it isn't happening. But you just keep thinking inside your head that this woman's boobs are pressed up against your head!

6. The Viewing

She hands you the mirror and asks you what you think. They look weird. You said you liked them thin and these are clearly not. So you have to mentally build the courage within yourself to tell the woman that you like your eyebrows thinner.

7. The Aftermath

Your eyebrows are beet-red and very itchy. Sometimes they don't get all the wax off. Sometimes they don't put Aloe Vera on them. Either way, it's really uncomfortable and you have to handle the pain at least until you get home.

8. The Two Weeks

Those perfect two weeks when your eyebrows are actually cute and so on point. But then you start seeing them slowly begin to grow out again. You internally (or externally) groan because you have to go through this horribly awkward cycle all over again.

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