7 ways you know youre a bargainer
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7 Ways You Know You're A Bargainer

Me? Ever buy something full price? Never.

7 Ways You Know You're A Bargainer

You're the Shopping Queen, the Bargain Hunter, the Deal Stealer, etc. and there's a damn good reason why you earned your name!

1. You head to the sale section as soon as you enter the store

It's a habit. We kind of just brush past all of the pretty displays and new, nicely merchandized product. We don't care, because we know a few treasures are hiding in those messy, misplaced racks!

2. You tell everyone about your bargains (even if they don't ask)

It's a good conversation starter! Nine times out of ten I'll use this excuse to break the silence. Hear crickets while talking to an old friend? Flash them your foot and tell them how your new boots were only twenty dollars at T.J. Maxx!

3. All of your favorite sites are saved on your phone/laptop

Easy access makes online shopping quick and painless! (Well, painless at least. "Quick" and "bargaining" should never be together in the same sentence.)

4. You use all the discounts you can at checkout

You go to your favorite stores with coupons in hand, or to your favorite sites with a few discount codes to try. Or, you leave it up to Honey to do the latter, which is an app downloadable to Google Chrome which automatically plugs in previously used discount codes when at check out. Needless to say, it's a bargainer's best friend.

5. You have great brand knowledge

The good ones, the bad ones, and everything in between - you know them all: their quality, their history, their philosophy - but you especially know if you're getting a good deal on them (or not)!

6. Friends always want to know where you get your steals

It must be at least once a week that I get a text or DM from a friend or stranger asking something along the lines of, "How the heck did you manage to those jeans for twenty dollars, and where can I go to get some myself?" Oh girl, I gotchu.

7. You'd run a marathon three days in a row before buying something full price

Is there need to say more?

See you in the sale section!

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