7 Unique Charities To Support
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Many organizations and charities are there in today's world. Here are listed seven slightly unusual charities.

Gunnar’s Wheels


This is a charity made to help dogs who are paralyzed. The creator, Jason Parker, had a dog named Gunnar who was hit by a truck, leaving his back two legs paralyzed. Due to this, he decided to create an organization dedicated to helping out dogs that were paralyzed by making wheelchairs for them.

Child’s Play


This is a charity whose purpose is to have children in hospitals distracted from the otherwise bleakness of where they are. The give games and toys out with the intent of helping the children have fun and build connections with other kids.

Monkey Helpers


Monkey Helpers might be the most interesting one on this list, this organization helps people who have spinal cord injuries or other mobility impairments by giving them a unique service, a specially trained monkey, free of cost. The monkey has been trained to help others with daily tasks.

Four Pound Burger Challenge


This charity isn’t for the faint of heart, or stomach. A restaurant named Fuddruckers hosts a burger eating challenge of eating a three-pound burger, and a one pound bun and a separate pound of fries, all in under an hour. The proceeds from the participation fees go to supporting the Martin Richard Foundation, a group dedicated to helping youth programs.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes


This is a charity in which men wear womens’ high-heeled shoes and literally walk a mile, based off the old saying that “You can’t understand another person’s experience until you have walked a mile in their shoes.” It combats gender stereotypes, expectations, and biases.

Locks of Love


Locks of Love is an organization that provides hair to children that have lost their hair due to medical reasons. There are two ways to support this organization. You can either send you hair, or but a pink teddy bear from their page in order to help.

Project Linus


Project Linus is an organization that delivers blankets to people in need. The blankets are made by volunteers and workers around the world. Anyone is welcome to join and is very encouraged to do so. They have delivered over 8 million blankets so far, and show no signs of stopping.

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