7 Times Cristina Yang Was Clinically Relatable For College Girls
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7 Times Cristina Yang Was Clinically Relatable For College Girls

Even more reason to binge Grey’s Anatomy

7 Times Cristina Yang Was Clinically Relatable For College Girls

It’s a beautiful day to save lives! I don’t care what anyone says, Grey’s Anatomy is still the best show out there.

So good that you find it’s possible to watch an entire season in two days (ha you thought I was kidding).

Between the plot that literally keeps you on the edge of your chair and the characters that are beyond relatable, you’ll find a weekend binge worthy series in this (unstereotypical) medical series.

1. “If there’s no food, I’m going home!”

Same girl, same. Christina appreciates the necessity of snacks at any social event.

2. “Don’t let what he wants eclipse what you need. He’s very dreamy, but he’s not the sun, you are.”

Sure, guys are great, but you should always come first. Never do anything that makes you uncomfortable just to please someone else or what they think pleases them.

3. “Oh, screw beautiful. If you want to appease me, compliment my brain.”

Looks aren’t everything! Intelligence and ambition is the new beautiful, sometimes complimenting someone’s looks can seem shallow instead of recognizing inner beauty and talents/traits.

4. “Have some fire, be unstoppable. Be a force of nature.”

Don’t let anyone put a damper on your dreams. Reaching for the stars is amazing, but reaching for your dreams is going to take work and dedication. Be unstoppable.

5. “Don’t give up on yourself.”

No matter what happens, believe in yourself. That is the first step to being successful. You are good enough and can do anything if you put your mind to it.

6. “Being aware of your crap and actually overcoming your crap are two very different things.”

Sure, being aware of a problem is the first step. But once you realize you are doing something that is hurting yourself or other people, think of a way you can resolve the issue that can be put into action the next time you think about making this mistake.

7. “Pretty good is not enough, I wanna be great.”

Doing something well is good of course, but putting your all into everything you do can really set you apart from everyone else. Having that personal drive is essential to achieve anything difficult. Decide if your dreams are your own dreams or the dreams of someone else being shoved on you.

Christina Yang is so relatable and it offsets the expectations some people have of medical shows to be too dramatic or cheesy. Having something to relate your life to can enhance a cinematic experience.

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