1. When the ad started.

"Oh wow, what a cute duck!" I've always loved ducks, so I was immediately drawn in, especially because of how happy he was!

2. When the duck found the comic book. 

"I'm so glad that the duck feels represented and that he found someone to look up to!" You can tell that the duck sees himself in Donald, especially when he imitates some of the scenes in the book.

3. When the music started to play.

"This song works so well with this ad." I'm not the biggest fan of "The Impossible Dream", but I really can't think of a better song to go along with the duck's experience.

4. When the duck had to leave his book behind.

"Oh no! It's too heavy for him to lift!" This is where I begin to cry. I felt very sad that the duck not only had to leave his prized possession behind but that it also ripped and got ruined in the water. Plus, litter.

5. When the duck and his family encountered bad weather.

"Please be safe, please be safe, please be safe." At first, I thought the ducks were struck by lightning, but I was glad to see that they were actually just diving down to find a safe place to spend the night.

6. When the duck met Donald.

"LOOK AT HOW HAPPY THAT DUCK IS. YOU CAN SEE THE PURE JOY ON HIS FACE!" This is when I really lose it, and there's no recovering.

7. When the duck and Donald hug.

At this point, I've stopped thinking, and I'm just sobbing.