7 ​Things You Need To Leave in 2019 To Start The New Year Right
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7 ​Things You Need To Leave in 2019 To Start The New Year Right

Drop these things and start the new year right.

7 ​Things You Need To Leave in 2019 To Start The New Year Right

If you're looking for a sign to change, this is it.

Those friends who don’t treat you right, yet you still give free passes to

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If they have a big enough mouth to be up in your face they have a big enough mouth to apologize. Cut them out!

That job you hate

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Life is too short to stay in a job you hate, perhaps it's time for a career change. What's worse than wasting 2, 5, or twenty years is wasting twenty years and a day. For those working part time, that minimum wage gig where you are getting paid the same amount as everyone else to bust your ass while they sit on theirs is not worth it. There's other ways to make money, start applying elsewhere STAT.

Not putting yourself first

Do yourself a solid and stop being everyone's doormat. Sometimes silence is the best answer. It's not your job to make everyone happy.

Your bad habits

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You are your own worst enemy when you skimp out on sleep, procrastinate, or don't take care of your body. These things seem small but make all the difference and add up.

Relationships that make you feel the type of tired which has nothing to do with sleep

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Get rid of these leeches or keep them at arms length, before your soul is sucked out of you.

Recollections of anyone it hurts you to think about

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Why are you saving those pictures of those friends who stabbed you in the back, and that guy/girl who didn't realize what they had until it was gone? The Instagram archive feature and the trash exists for a reason.

Not being an opportunist

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Stop waiting for opportunities to reach you, go get them! Use your connections, update your LinkedIn, post that video, join that club- whatever it is that excites you, don't let another year go by that you aren't shooting for the moon.

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