7 Facts Of Life You Have If You Love Dogs More Than People

7 Facts Of Life You Have If You Love Dogs More Than People

All you need is (puppy) love

Dogs. They're a man's best friend, and everyone knows it. While most people would say they 'love' dogs...there are definitely a select few who REALLY love dogs more than life. Here are a few relatable things that go through a true dog lovers mind every day.

1. Seeing a dog literally makes your day

Whether it be passing by one on the way to class or seeing one across the quad, if you're a true dog lover, just seeing that little wagging tail makes your whole dog. Big or small, old or young, any dog's presence has the ability to make you smile no matter what else is going in your life!

2. You're convinced you have the cutest dog in the world

You appreciate that everyone else is obsessed with their dogs, and while you do love every dog, your dogs are hands down the best and cutest. When someone else says their dogs are the cutest in the world, it takes everything you have not to argue and whip out the 100,000,000 pictures and videos you have saved on your phone to try and convince them otherwise.

3. You love every breed

Literally every type of dog is your favorite dog. It's impossible for you to look at a dog and think it's not super cute, and you kind of hate anyone who calls dogs ugly in general. They're all angels...end of story.

4. You've never seen a dog you don't want to adopt

Have you ever had the urge to pick a random dog up and run away with it? Because if you're a true dog lover, that thought probably goes through your head every time you see a little cutie walking down the sidewalk. If it were up to you, you'd have every dog in the world (and preferably they'd all be potty trained).

5. You get separation anxiety when you have to leave your dogs at home

Being away from your dogs in the hardest thing ever. Whether it be going out for the day, on vacation for a week, or having to go back to school and spend (dreadful) months away from them, leaving your dogs is the worst. On the bright side, coming home and seeing their tails wagging and getting lots of cuddles makes it all worth it!

6. Your camera roll is full of cute dog pictures

You probably have them in an album. And you probably look at the album when you're sad. And it definitely makes you happy.

7. You follow at least 2 dog Instagram accounts

Scrolling through your feed and seeing videos or pictures of what your favorite furry friends are up to is the most pure experience in the world. If we're being honest you're probably slightly too invested in the lives of these adorable internet dog (who, by the way, have WAY more followers than you ever will), but who cares. They're too cute not to obsesses over!

If even the thought of dogs makes you smile, and you do everything on this list, you definitely are a true dog lover. Now, who else is craving some puppy love right now!?

Cover Image Credit: Camille Lavoie

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Conserving And Sustaining Our National Parks

National parks are a part of a history that is unique to the United States.

Camping out and taking road trips to the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone is an American tradition.

In fact, the United States' national parks serve many functions that surpass even tourism. They are a part of a history that is unique to the United States and have gone through much opposition and avoidance to make them into who and what they represent today.

With over 400 national monuments, military sites and parks, these structures and areas are equivalent to over 84 million acres and spread to all 50 states.

As you can probably infer, these national parks have a vast history and controversy from both sides.

In the 1800’s, Europe had appealing architecture, towers and castles. America, on the other hand, looked bare. When the gold rush hit in 1848, thousands of people moved West, showcasing the many geological wonders and wildlife surviving there.

The innovation of many non-renewable resource powered machines occurred around this time as well. Many of America’s natural wonders were exploited for their minerals, which caused an uproar by conservationists.

One powerful voice was that of naturalist John Muir. He is remembered as the "father of national parks" because he used his strong persuasion tools in articles and books about the importance of nature.

“Keep close to Nature’s heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.” - John Muir

For the sake of preserving America’s natural beauty, Congress established Yellowstone as the first national park in 1872.

The National Park Service wasn’t created, however, until 1925 by President Woodrow Wilson when it was permanently placed in the Department of Interior. During this time, parks, monuments and historical places were taken care of in different departments including war, interior, and agriculture.

The first superintendent of the National Park Service was Stephen Mather. He did much to manage employees, funds and lobby legislation for the creation of parks. Many citizens were also brought into the process to get the American public’s opinions.

Another monumental figure in the fight for the organization of national parks was President Theodore Roosevelt. During his time as president, he created numerous national parks and most importantly established the Antiquities Act. This act gave presidents the power to name historic landmarks, objects of historic and scientific interest, as well as prehistoric structures as national monuments.

Today, national parks are regarded for their unique beauty, scholarship, recreation and importance to American history. From millions of miles of hiking trails to beautiful beaches, national parks become destinations for various vacations and a place for Americans to make memories or get away from city life, as well as a chance to take John Muir’s advice by clearing their minds and spiritually reflecting.

Parks are important and essential to American culture because they bring a distinctive viewpoint to the people and urge conservation all over the world.

If you are looking for some national parks to visit this summer, here are a few of the most popular in America.

Yellowstone National Park

This park is not only the first national park, but it is also home to an active supervolcano.

The Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains are the most visited U.S. National Park.

The Grand Canyon

Located in Arizona, the Canyon is known for having its own weather because it is 18 miles wide. Some parts are cold and wet, while others are desert-like and very hot.

Zion's Park

The name for this park comes from a Hebrew word meaning a place of peace and relaxation, so why not explore it?

Cover Image Credit: obamawhitehouse.archives.gov

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The Eerie Sound That Changed Lives In A Split Second

A day that will never be forgotten

On March 19, 2018, shortly after 8:30, the gut-wrenching sound of a tornado siren filled the air of Jacksonville, Alabama. The beautiful city that is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian trail was ravaged by an EF 3 tornado.

The horrifying sound of a freight train ripped through the streets as many people took shelter for the impending doom that will accompany that haunting sound. It's the sound that makes you fear for your life. It's the sound that causes an overwhelming amount of emotions. It's a sound we never want to hear.

Devastated doesn't begin to describe the pain that many residents and students feel. There are simply no words to describe the emotions that are welling up inside those who have a special connection to Jacksonville. It all feels like a dream. A dream that you just want to go away. To hear first responders say it looks like a "war zone" really makes the hearts of those who love Jacksonville sink.

That eerie sound that swept through the city that night is so hard to think about. It has haunted the dreams and thoughts of the students at JSU and the residents of the city. It's a haunting dream that will continue to plague our minds as we work together to rebuild our beautiful city.

Thinking about the destruction the tornado left behind nauseates me. Many residents are without a home. JSU is damaged. It is all so overwhelming to think about. Fortunately, the students and faculty at JSU are on spring break this week. On March 20th, the mayor reported that there were no fatalities. That is a true blessing. Buildings can be replaced, but not the lives of the residents of Jacksonville are irreplaceable.

March 19 will be a day we will never forget. It was the day that will haunt residents throughout the years. It's hard to see a city with great people go through this.

As meteorologist and city officials said the chilling words "seek shelter now" and "there is a tornado on the ground" many people did not know what would be the outcome. Nobody ever wants to hear those words or hear your city or town mentioned specifically. It is an eye-opening experience and we will overcome it.

We Are Jacksonville Strong

Thank you to the first responders who worked tirelessly throughout the night and next day.

Thank you to the meteorologist for keeping everybody informed.

Thank you to the city officials, JSU, volunteers, and those who have donated.

Each and every one of us appreciates all the thoughts, prayers, and donations.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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