Here Are 7 Things Our Male Counterparts Don't Have To Learn

Well Ladies, Here Are 7 Things Our Male Counterparts Don't Have To Learn

Now more than ever, women are fighting back against the stereotypes.

Being a college-aged girl is frustrating most of the time. Between classes, studying, maintaining a healthy social life, and many more things there are stark differences that girls have to do differently than boys.

Boys are taught at a young age to "not cry" and that they are dominant over women, and now more than ever, women are fighting back against the stereotypes that have been placed upon them in years past.

However, there are still things that girls have to do differently than their male counterparts, and most of them include safety.

1. Never walk alone at night.

Boys don't have this fear most of the time. Whether you are walking home from the library or a friend's dorm, you never walk alone and if it is absolutely necessary, then you have someone on the phone with you.

2. Always keep pepper spray on you.

I've carried pepper spray with me basically since my freshman year of high school. "You never know what could happen" is always looming over your head as you carry the bright pink can in your pocket along with your dorm key.

3. If you are walking through a parking garage alone, keep your key between your fingers.

Just the thought of this terrifies me. As a broader girl, I like to think that I would be able to defend myself in any type of situation. However, this is not always true. If all else fails and you need to defend yourself by punching, make sure you have a key in between your fingers and aim for the eyes.

4. When you are walking, even in a group, keep your eyes moving all around you.

As a woman, you are basically never allowed to let your guard down. If you are walking, even in a group, you should be attentive at all times, checking your sides and behind you as you walk. You never know who could be watching.

5. If you are walking through a party with an open drink, keep your hand over the top.

There are videos all over the internet of girls and guys getting their drinks drugged because they put it up too high uncovered and someone was able to slip a roofie in their drink. If you are walking, put your hand over the top and if you have a bottle, hold it by the cap.

6. Always know where the blue lights are and if you can run to them quickly.

On Ball State's campus, there are blue emergency lights that are scattered across campus. There is supposed to be one within running distance at all times, however, what do you do after you hit the blue button? Do you continue running? Do you stop and stand by the pole? The matter of the fact is that you should always know where one is, even if you don't know what to do after.

7. Try avoid wearing your hair up at night.

This is basically inevitable. Personally, I have a lot of hair and I just want it off my neck most of the time. However, this could make for an easy grabbing point if someone were to attack you. If your hair is up, the attacker has something to pull as they attack you. If you were to get attacked, yell/scream, and drop to the ground; victims that make a scene are more likely to be abandoned by their attacker.

These tips are not just for girls, however, it is more likely for a woman to use these tips rather than a man. But, no matter your gender these tips are useful to know in case something were to ever happen.

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