7 Superstitions That Are Actually Good Luck

January is practically over, which means the beginning of a new month is upon us. We have a tradition in my family where we say the word "rabbit" three times first thing in the morning on the first day of any month that contains the letter "R." Supposedly, it brings you good luck throughout the new month. Everyone knows it's bad luck to break a mirror or walk under a ladder, but these seven superstitions will hopefully bring you good luck in the next month and many more to come.

1. "Break a leg!"

Okay, so most people know that telling a performer to break a leg before they go onstage is good luck. Does that mean telling a singer to lose their voice is good luck, too?

2. The Rabbit's Foot

Many carry a rabbit's foot around as a good luck charm, but did you know that in order for it to be lucky, it HAS to be the back left foot, AND the rabbit must have been captured and'or killed in a cemetery?

3. Broken Plates

In some European countries, people throw broken dishes at the homes of their loved ones to wish them good luck in the new year. Who knew breaking things could be so lucky?

4. Bird Poop

That's right. Apparently a bird pooping on your head is considered good luck. Unfortunately, this is not the case if they decide to poop on your windshield.

5. Butterflies in your House

If a butterfly comes into your house, it's your lucky day. Hopefully, it does eventually leave.

6. Putting Clothes on Backwards

While this only works if it's an accident, putting your clothes on backwards may actually be a sign that your luck is about to change for the better. Hopefully you notice it before anyone else does.

7. A Cow Crossing Your Path

Some cultures believe that a cow crossing your path is a sign of good luck. As long as you're not driving and they're not standing in the middle of the road.

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