7 Signs You Have A Puppy
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7 Signs You Have A Puppy

Say goodbye to your shoes, your carpets and your piece of mind; but say hello to your new best friend.

7 Signs You Have A Puppy
Aileen Ida

A few weeks ago I came home late at night to find a puppy roaming the house. I had no idea my parents had decided to adopt a puppy, so I was pretty thrilled to say the least. Just about everyone has a love for puppies (at least to some extent) so when you own a puppy there are some things that are pretty universal.

1. You've become popular all of a sudden.

Friends you haven't spoken to in a long time or even people you barely know want to know every update about the puppy. People constantly say "When can I come over to see the puppy?" When you go out in public, life becomes a constant barrage of "Can I pet it? What kind is it? How old?" But don't get me wrong, I have no issue with people loving my puppy as much as I do.

2. There's nothing quite as terrifying as not knowing if the wet spot you stepped in is pee or slobber.

While you're puppy is potty training, life is full of the uncertainty of when the puppy may have an accident. Any wet spot on the floor—no matter how small—could mean bad, bad things.

3. There's nothing quite like that sickening feeling of accidentally stepping into poop barefoot.

In addition to pee accidents sometimes, every now and then you're bound to have to clean up some even less desirable accidents as well. And if you're not hyper-vigilant, there's a chance your foot may end up right in the middle of squishy, brown pile of sadness.

4. You have an unbelievable sense of pride when your puppy masters a new trick.

The puppy learned to sit? Or even better, to shake? It's okay, take a moment to shed a tear. You've probably been working on this for weeks and when your puppy shows how smart you've known they were all along it is just about the most exciting thing ever.

5. It becomes normal to talk in about ten different tones of voice in just a few sentences.

"Oh, look how cute she's being!" "Let me pet you!" "No! Don't do that!" "Ugh, I need a nap after chasing her around." Each phrase in a completely different tone of voice, of course. In addition to the roller coaster that is having a puppy, it takes awhile to figure out what tones of voice the puppy responds to; whether they're being disciplined or called or even just cuddled.

6. If you have another pet—especially a cat—having a puppy is pure entertainment.

I have yet to find something quite as entertaining as my puppy chasing the poor cat around. The puppy has never wanted anything but friendship from the cat, but the cat wants none of that! I have high hopes though that by the hundredth time the puppy playfully pounces on the cat, that the cat will be over plotting the puppy's extermination.

7. You can't imagine life without the crazy fur ball that is now your best friend.

No matter how much your puppy may drive you crazy, they're also the most adorable part of your day. Though you may suffer through countless accidents and chewed shoes and holes in your yard and even some destroyed belongings, at the end of the day, you love your puppy more than anything else and wouldn't want to be in a world without them.

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