7 Roommate Struggles As Told By New Girl

7 Roommate Struggles As Told By New Girl

If you don't know who’s the Nick in your apartment, then it’s definitely you.


I've lived with my current roommates for almost five months now. Each one of them has become one of my closest friends and are the definition of ride-or-die. However...

Sometimes it's a pain to live with other people who you care about so much, especially because the situation entails seeing them every. single. day. Arguments are made easier. Habits are made more obvious. And everyone becomes unhealthily empathetic.

I love my girls and we're a second family for life, for sure. But like any family, we have our own, special struggles...

1. One roommate’s struggles become everyone’s struggles

This is the extremely unhealthy empathy I mentioned before. Living as close to people for as long as roommates do makes you incredibly aware of other people's feelings.

And this applies to families, too. Except, generally, your apartment is a bunch of people your own age and going through the same life routines. It is very easy to feel what your roommate feels and ride their midterm's crisis or the panic they have before a job interview.

2. Getting roped into each other’s shenanigans

Shenanigans are hands-down one of the most unavoidable aspects of living with other people, especially people you can scheme with (me and my roommates). They can be fun. Or can lean more to the messy side of things.

But...there's no better source of entertainment, after a long day of classes, than hearing about your roommates' shenanigans.

3. Sometimes there's no concept of personal space

Most of the time it doesn't ever exist. By the time you've moved out, you will know your roommates wayyyyyyy too well.

Personal space cannot be a thing. Like, not at all...

4. Food experiments take place...and fail

There's a moment of pride you feel in your roommates when they master an impossible dish (probably when they're procrastinating on something else more pressing). But sometimes those experiments can fail...hard.

5. Debates can become passionate intellectual arguments

Living with intelligent and thoughtful human beings is a privilege and a blessing. Even when debates break out and discussions are fueled by three, four, or even five sources of deep knowledge.

The occasional argument will develop from a debate, and the apartment will be a few decibels louder for an hour or so. But I'll take the arguments any day for the collective intelligence I'm surrounding by.

6. Sometimes we get fed up of each other

Yeah, it's definitely possible to get fed up by each other. Who doesn't get annoyed by family every so often?

7. But at the end of the day, we’d live with no one else

Also, cause who could actually deal with us other than each other? (Love you, girls!)

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