7 Reasons Why Life Is Like High School Musical
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7 Reasons Why Life Is Like High School Musical

Everyone will tell you that life is nothing like in the movies. But what if it actually is?

7 Reasons Why Life Is Like High School Musical

Over the last few months, we have been cooped up in our homes maintaining our social distance with others. All the while, I have still been in school doing homework. However, in the abundance of downtime, if you're anything like me, you have searched endlessly for new shows to binge. Well, I watched all of Disney+'s "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series" in one day. Now, I was in first grade when the final movie in the trilogy was released, and I'm pretty sure I saw it in theaters. It made me remember how everyone I knew told me not to expect life to be like what it seemed in the movie. But what if I told you, life really is like "High School Musical"?

Some people would prefer everyone to "stick to the status quo."

Everyone has that one thing, their jobs, their roles to play. As soon as someone deviates, it throws everything off. You might think you are the only person qualified for a promotion at work because you are known for having a specific skill set. But what you don't know is that the person in the office next to you whom you have nothing in common with happens to have the same skill set and beats you out for the promotion. Talk about Troy and Gabriella stealing Sharpay's spotlight.

However, if you only stick to the status quo, people will think that you haven’t had enough experience and aren’t well-rounded.

All the college admissions essays or job applications are looking to see how well-rounded a person is, or how a person was involved with different activities. This usually indicates that a person will be able to have diverse and unique perspectives. Sticking to the status quo makes it look like you aren't open to trying new things. So does this mean we should stick to the status quo, or start a new club to stand out?

Drama occurs everywhere, not just in high school.

Enough said. Unfortunately, no person or group is immune to drama.

We are encouraged to follow our dreams.

All our lives we are being encouraged to be free and "bop to the top." We just need to find our passion and have the courage to pursue it. Think of how Troy finally gave the musical a shot after being terrified because he was always seen as "the basketball guy." He eventually went to college where he could continue both passions at the same time. Find your happy middle and follow your dreams.

Spontaneously bursting out in song may not happen, but spontaneous moments are some of the best.

Spontaneity is some of the best moments in life. Late night Walmart adventures just because comes with interesting stories. Or how about deciding to go on a road trip just because you have a long weekend?

There is more singing and dancing than you think.

Think about it! Weddings, singing in the shower, dance recitals, school concerts, birthday parties, karaoke night, homecoming, prom, putting on talent shows for your family, car ride jam sessions, trying to win over the girl you really like with your awesome guitar skills, singing lullabies to your child, memorizing the alphabet...should I go on?

"We’re all in this together". 

Everyone has a role to play in each other's lives. No one was meant to be on their own. In our crazy adventures of life, we have people every step of the way either cheering us on, being our go to person, or pushing us to be better. So find your team of people and go be the best that you can be.

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