7 Reasons My Rescue Dog With A Kanye Attitude And Snoop Dogg's Face Is The Best

7 Reasons My Rescue Dog With A Kanye Attitude And Snoop Dogg's Face Is The Best

She’s a quirky little Chihuahua Mini Pinscher.

This is my dog Piper. She’s a quirky little Chihuahua Mini Pinscher with a Kanye attitude and Snoop Dogg's face.


I adopted her 4 years ago from a shelter that rescued from California kill shelters. My nephew and I decided to make a trip to the shelter just to look at the dogs. This tiny dog with scuffed up ears wouldn’t stop following us around. Her name was Pebbles and we both fell in love with her instantly.

I hadn’t brought my debit card or enough cash to cover the adoption fee because we only went to “look” at the dogs. I called my dad and told him there was this dog he needed to come see, reluctantly, he came. As soon as my dad walked in this little pup ran over to greet him. That’s when I knew we’d be taking her home.

This little dog was abused by her previous owners. She was left in a little kennel day in and day out. Her nails had grown so long they started to grow back into her paws. You couldn’t blame her for being such a nervous thing.

She wasn’t the dog that would run up to you when you got home, she was pissed that you even left her. She would sit on the couch and glare at you. If you touched her she would yelp like you were hurting her. So we had to let her be until she came to us and soon enough, she couldn’t contain her wiggles when we got home because she was so excited.

In the last 4 years, she's become a spunky dog with lots of personality who never wants to be alone. I've taken her on countless road trips, shopping, to my friends' houses, to go get coffee, pretty much anywhere I can get away with it. However, she's not a fan of the dog park because the other dogs make her nervous, but she always goes and sits with the little old ladies on the bench. I have countless reasons why I think she's the best dog.

1. I mean just look at her face

2. She loves to sleep ALL. DAY. LONG.

3. If you drop anything remotely comfy on the ground, she sits on it

4. She has moments where she looks like an alien and I wonder if she actually is a dog

5. Sometimes, I think I lost her but she's just curled up in one of my bags

6. She loves babies, probably because they're the same size as her

7. She also has the biggest attitude I've ever seen in a dog

I mean look at her.

It's safe to say that if I love my kids half as much as I love Piper, they're gonna be spoiled. She's also the reason I tell people to adopt their dogs. With enough patience, you might find a dog as quirky, sweet and cuddly as Piper.

Cover Image Credit: Riley Scott

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